[1.11.2] Prison Guar Map Download

The Goal: you are a guard who has to keep up to four prisoners from escaping. However, the prison security is somewhat… unstable. Errors will occur from time to time, and in a second, someone is walking towards the exit. If someone escapes… Game over!

Luckily there’s an energy tank to lure the dumb prisoners back into their cell. However, the energy is not infinite, and if the tank gets empty, nothing works anymore…

There are a lot of game modes: Easy/Medium/Hard combined with Two/Three/Four Prisoners. Also, there is Hardcore Mode for the really good players, Practice Mode for the ones who want to improve, and the final Ultra Mode for the ultimate test! Furthermore, there are 10 highscores, all from different game modes, and a total score and a “games-played”-tracker. However, some of these must be unlocked.


  • 10 scoreboardtrackers
  • Levels varying from much too easy to extremely hard
  • Complete explanation of everything
  • Tutorial
  • 3 different power-ups
  • Randomly generated errors to make no game the same
  • Vault (useless, sort of prize for completing very hard games)
  • Armor selection


Multiplayer is supported, though not tested, so if glitches occur leave a reaction. To complete harder combinations, having more players is handy, if not necessary. Every player has the same score, so working together you can keep many more prisoners longer in their cell. However, eventually you’ll fail.


Everything, including the tutorial, is replayable. Almost never is something played once then unplayable, except for the unlocks of course. You might think that it gets boring after a while, but trust me, once you unlock Hardcore Mode, nothing will be the same ever again… One more note: I made this map especially to see how far I can go with command blocks. Pretty far!




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