[1.11.2] Sorcerer’s Book Map Download

Sorcerer’s Book is a Minecraft minigame map based on spellcasting! Play alone or with your friends in one of three gamemodes:

  • PvP – Fight with other players using magic spells! Last man standing wins! (2-8 players)
  • PvM – Team up with other players and fight against infinite waves of enemies. How long can you last? (1-8 players)
  • MOBA – Defend your base from enemy minions, capture the towers and fight with other players! (at least 6 players recommended) WARNING: This gamemode is very stressing for a server and can cause it to crash!

Discover over 50 different spells! To cast a spell, enter the three-letter symbol of a spell into your spellbook and click “Done”. If you have enough mana the spell will be executed. Their symbols always refer to the name of the spell so you should be able to guess a lot of them. It’s a lot of fun discovering spells by yourself but if you have problems doing it, you can find a list of spell names in alphabetical order below.

Spell List:


Only names tho! No symbols! ?

– Armageddon
– Aura of mana regeneration
– Blessing of fire resistance
– Blessing of invisibility
– Blessing of jump boost
– Blessing of regeneration
– Blessing of resistance
– Blessing of saturation
– Blessing of speed
– Blessing of strength
– Blow
– Clear weather
– Cone of fire
– Entomb
– Evocation fangs
– Explosion
– Fireball
– Fire explosion
– Fire path
– Fire trap
– Hybernation
– Iceball
– Ice jump
– Insanity
– I see you!
– Lightning bolt
– No fall damage
– Paralyze
– Poison trap
– Purify
– Pyroblast
– Sacrifice
– Slam
– Smoke cloud
– Storm
– Summon golem
– Summon snowman
– Summon vexes
– Tactical retreat
– Thunder
– Tornado
– Transmutation
– Wall of fire
– Wall of ice
– Water walking

I left some easter eggy ones unlisted!


Map Trailer:



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