[1.11.2] Spring Hunt Map Download

Spring Hunt is a simple minigame where the objective is to catch the Easter Bunny in a butterfly net, while dodging the eggs he drops after him! It includes a two-player mode as well, where a chaser player and a bunny player fight with butterfly nets and easter eggs!

It is a quick and simple game, easy to grasp and lots of fun! Built in one week, Spring Hunt has a 3D-modeled resource pack, lobby, and in-game instructions on how to play as well.

Gameplay Instructions:

  • Begin singleplayer mode by jumping down hole in center of lobby. Proceed to chase Easter Bunny and right-click with net on it.
  • Begin multiplayer mode by either player standing either pod opposite the egg wall in the lobby. Bunny player should then run from chaser player while pressing Q to throw down eggs that damage chaser. Chaser player tries to kill bunny player with net.


Map Trailer:



  1. Hey.

  2. pretty easy game, somewhere on 3 out of 5



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