[1.5.1] Monarch Of Madness Map Download

A brilliant adventure/puzzle map by The_Forgotten. Monarch of Madness will take you through on a journey through the castle of madness. You, the Monarch of Madness have woken up after 50 years of sleep with only notes left by your butler to guide you. You will fall into witty traps, and have to get past mind boggling puzzles. Slowly, as you adventure through the amazing castle of madness, you will find more about yourself and what your new task at hand is all about. Will you receive a reward at the end of all this? Or will you fall into darkness? Play the amazing and mind boggling Monarch of Madness to find out!

The rules of the map are as follows:

  1. Do not break blocks, unless told to. The reason will be explained later.
  2. Do not craft anything. And that means, anything. Everything you need will be given to you when needed.
  3. The difficulty USED to be unimportant, but since version 1.6 of the map, playing on easy or higher is strongly recommended. I can’t force you to play with mobs on, but they will certainly add an important dose of madness.
  4. There will be puzzles and some adventuring parts, which makes the map… Long enough. It took me and hour and a half to complete it, and I made the map. Take that as you will, so if you do not enjoy lengthy quests, then this map may not be for you. Still, giving it a chance would be nice. This was a tip.
  5. For those of you who enjoy taking the time of checking every nook and cranny of a map, there ARE Easter eggs and various little gags. They may not be related to the story in any way, yet they might add to your experience during the exploration of this fantastic kingdom where the grand dominate the puny, and rats dominate everyone with a weak immunity system. Also, if something tells you “your current destination”, chances are it’s your current destination. If you need a flint and steel to access something, and you don’t have one yet, don’t assume you missed it and you must give one to yourself. That’s wrong.
  6. Some of these rules will have to be broken, but only at some specific points throughout the map. When, you ask? I won’t tell you. Use of your own judgement to determine when you should disobey the rules.
  7. You might have guessed this one by now, but if you despise reading, avoid this map entirely or disregard the signs in-game. Unfortunately, I love babbling aimlessly, so you’ll find plenty of signs everywhere. You can just break them if you hate them that much, though.

As stated from The_Forgotten

This has to be one of my most favourite adventure maps of all time. The work gone into this is incredible. It is both witty, humorous, scary, mind boggling and awesome. If you’re looking for a brilliant combination between adventure and puzzle then this is your map.

This Map is recommended with the SMP Revival Texture Pack

 How to Install Monarch Of Madness Texture Pack

  1. Extract all your maps on your desktop and rename it as “world1″ (this replace your world 1 slot so be aware!)
  2. Go to your start menu and find “run”
  3. Type there “%appdata%”
  4. Roaming files
  5. Then “.minecraft” folder
  6. Then “saves”, Copy paste your map here
  7. Go back to “.minecraft”
  8. Go to “texturepack” folder
  9. Put your texturepack here without unzipping
  10. DONE!


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