[1.6.2] DeathRun Map Download

Deathrun, originally a Team Fortress 2 game mode, is a mini game where the players have to complete a track, full of traps. It’s not just an ordinary jumping-puzzle, there is also a so-called Activator. You’ll need at least 2 players to start a round. The players are separated into two teams:

  • Runners: The Runners’ goal is to complete the track. If you enable the “time challenge” setting, the runners have to complete the track within the given amount of time. The number of players in this team depends on the total number of players in the server. If you play with more than 2 players, it’s most likely that you will play most of the time in this team. If one Runner makes it to the end, the entire team will win.. and the Activator will burn! When a Runner dies, he will respawn in a spectator room. He can navigate through the map using a button at the back of the spectator rooms.
  • Activator: The Activator is randomly chosen from all players. His goal is to stop the Runners from completing the track. To do so, the Activator has to push buttons to enable traps on the track. As soon as the Activator starts running, the Runners will be released. At that moment, the activator becomes invisible, so the Runners can’t see where he is. If all Runners are dead, the Activator wins.

Customize the game:

  • You can adapt the game rules to your preference! If you play with a small number of players, it’s recommended to enable fast health regeneration, but nobody’s stopping you to disable it. You can enable a time challenge, or enable hard mode. These rules can be changed to balance the two teams, or to make it a near-impossible game.
  • If you want to change the settings, you’ll have to be in creative mode. This is a safety precaution to prevent guest players from changing the game rules.  This way, only opped players are able to change the settings. When you’re in creative mode, press the ‘Adjust game settings’ button in the lobby. You will be teleported to the settings room. To be safe, hit the ‘Manual Reset’ button before leaving. Usually the map resets itself after every game, but if this didn’t happen for some reason, you can always manually reset the map from here.









  • Play on easy difficulty
  • Turn PvP off
  • Don’t break any blocks
  • Use the texturepack
  • Turn commandblocks on in server.properties
  • Don’t play on a bukkit server, because it causes some problems!!!

Texture Pack: DeathRun Texture Pack

The most important thing in this texturepack is that some blocks are invisible from one side. This is to make sure that the Activator can see the Runners, but the Runners can’t see the Activator. Without our texturepack, it will be almost impossible for Activators to win since the Runners can see which traps are activated. Also spectator rooms will be quite pointless and the map will look a lot uglier without the texturepack.



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