[1.8.8] Selakyn Map Download

Discover the map’s epic trailer on our Youtube channel, as well as a cinematic of each of the islands, and much more!

LanguageCraft is proud to share its newest project, Selakyn, a scripted CTM. You go through this adventure as Taleg, a young archeologist, alone or with two companions shipwrecked on the Selakyn archipelago. You explore the various islands, fighting through challenges and dangers along the way.

Your aim is to find a legendary relic capable of saving your entire people from destruction.

After 14 months of hard work, Selakyn offers many different build styles and atmospheres, accompanied by various types of gameplay, based on a traditional CTM, but enriched by puzzles, voice acting, custom textures and a rich and gripping story.

On average, Selakyn should keep you entertained for about 20 hours, all in Minecraft vanilla.

The download link will provide you with the map as well as the resource pack, which is necessary to play the map.

Very important: The map needs to be played in 1.8.8 ! Any other version, however close, will present gamebreaking bugs.




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