[1.8.9] Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Map Download

This epic custom map Minecraft Five Nights At Freddys map is a recreation of the Five Nights At Freddys 3 horror game recreated in Minecraft with command block creations, jump scares, scary music, cameras, and much more!

How to play:

Use Your Cameras And Check Around The Building, And Make Sure SpringTrap Doesn’t Catch You!
Also, Main Objective Is To Keep Everything Running Smoothly. The Cameras And Audio Eventually Fail, So You Have To Reboot Them By Turning On The Maintenence Pannel On Your Left, And Look Directly At The Text That You Want To Select, Then Toss Out Your Select Item To Start The Option You Selected. Ventalations Go Down After A Phantom Jumpscares You. Keep That Air Flowin’ Or Youll Be Blacking Out Like Crazy!




  1. wow , just like the game

  2. well but its not like ingame in the pic

    • I like…five nights at Freddy’s 3 to much????????



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