[1.9] Bow Parkour 2 Map Download

Bow Parkour 2 Map

Bow Parkour 2 is another bow shooter map like the first bow parkour, but in this version the entire map system has been redesigned and there is no loading screens or waiting. Like before, you have a bow & arrow and hit targets to make parkour blocks appear, then you have to quickly jump across before the arrow vanishes and the parkour blocks retract. Some jump-puzzles use custom mechanics too like blocks appearing in mid air without pistons pushing them.


  • Robust design, the puzzles are designed to be abused so don’t worry if you flip the wrong switch.
  • Auto reset design, when you finish the map you can re play it without deleting it.
  • Custom game mechanics.
  • Never wait again. Loading screens and loading rooms have been fixed and removed from the game!
  • Never get stuck again. Places where you can get stuck by shooting the wrong target first have been removed.

Starter Room

Multi Parkour

Blocks appear in air!



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