[1.10.2] A Frozen World Mod Download

A Frozen World Mod, built with Minecraft Forge, is all about ice. It introduces a variety of ice-related things, mainly featuring an ice-related apocalypse block.

Here are the mod’s features:


Ice Nine:
This block is the main feature of the mod. When added to the world, it spreads across land and water, converting all blocks it touches into frozen equivalents. Given enough time, your world will turn into a blue-gray frozen wasteland.

  • The block is 100% dynamic, meaning it will convert blocks from other mods into frozen equivalents as well.
  • The textures are also dynamic, meaning that resource pack makers don’t need to make a “frozen” version of every single block texture in the game!)
  • The spread rate of the block is determined by its adjacent blocks. For example, Ice Nine will spread to a Dirt block faster than it will spread to an Obsidian block.
  • If the blocks around an Ice Nine block are all Ice Nine or on the spread blacklist, the block becomes dormant. Dormant Ice Nine can be broken to collect Ice Crystals and passively spawn Zombies at all times.
  • Ice Nine must be grown from an Ice Crystal, which can only be found at the top of dungeon towers.

Here is a picture of Ice Nine spreading throughout a Spruce forest. In the image, you can see it starting to freeze the large spruce trees towards the front. Many of trees and much of the grass and dirt have been frozen as well.

Rubble Pile:

This block is purely aesthetic. When Ice Nine spreads to a block on the configurable blacklist, it turns into this block. When broken, it drops a random number of sticks, wood planks, and iron ingots.

Compact Workstation:

This block is super simple. It combines a chest and a crafting table into one block, making it a space-efficient alternative for people who put time and effort into building the perfect base.

  • This block is both a chest and a crafting table. Right clicking the bottom of the station will open a Chest GUI and right clicking the top will open a Crafting Table GUI.
  • Unlike a normal crafting table, this block will not drop its inventory when you close the GUI.


This is functionally aesthetic block. When you right click it with an item or block in your hand, it will be placed on the pedestal.

Frostwell Anchor:

This block is the gateway to the frozen wasteland dimension. When building a portal, this block is the center base block.
Ice Stairs: This is another functionally aesthetic block. It acts like normal stairs but has the same properties as an Ice block.
Packed Ice Stairs: This is another functionally aesthetic block. It acts like normal stairs but has the same properties as a Packed Ice block.
Compacted Rock Flour: This is a compressed block, like Block of Iron or Block of Gold.
It spawns abundantly in Glaciers found in the Wasteland dimension If you oversaturate mineral water with Rock Flour, the water block will get replaced with this block.
Mineral Water:

Mineral water is a new liquid that acts exactly like normal water. It can be used to saturate Farmland. It is useful because any plant that grows near a source of Mineral Water will grow significantly faster than a plant not near Mineral Water.

  • Mineral Water can only be obtained by throwing Rock Flour items into a water source.
  • It can be bucketed like normal water.


Ice Crystal:

Ice Crystals are the starting point for the entire mod. They are found at the top of dungeon towers and are dropped by dormant Ice Nine blocks.

  • When dropped into water, the water instantly freezes into Ice Nine, which instantly begins to spread to the neighboring blocks.

Crystalline Catalyst:

This item is the basis for a lot of the crafting in the mod. It is required to build a portal to the Wasteland dimension.

  • The new Snow Flurry mob throws this item at you when aggroed.

Structure Wand:

This is a creative only item. It simply makes building portals to the Wasteland dimension easier. To use it, right-click on a block and the portal will be constructed around that block.

  • Note: If there are blocks anywhere inside the portal area when this item is used, those blocks will be destroyed!

Rock Flour:

Rock flour can be collected from Compacted Rock Flour blocks, which spawn naturally in Glaciers.

  • Rock Flour is used to make Mineral Water, a new liquid that boosts nearby plant growth time significantly.


Currently, the mod adds only 1 new mob: The Snow Flurry. The Snow Flurry is an aggressive mob that spawns in the Wasteland dimension at all times of the day. It has a ranged attack (where is throws Crystalline Catalysts at the player) and a melee attack when a player gets too close. They usually spawn in packs of 4-6.


Portal to the Wasteland Dimension:
This structure is the portal the Wasteland dimension. It is constructed in a unique way and only can pose several dangers when the player is not equipped properly.
Glaciers: Glaciers are naturally occurring mounds of ice. They spawn in the Wasteland dimension and usually have ample supplies of Rock Flour within them.
Battle Towers: Battles towers are towers that spawn naturally in Ice Spike biomes. At the top, there are Ice Crystals, but getting to them is not easy. The player needs to fight their way to the top through hoards of mobs.
Battles Towers are modularly generated. What does this mean? It means they can spawn in any horizontal orientation (NSEW) and can be any height. The tower consists of 3 parts: the base floors, the middle floor, and the top floors. The base floors are larger and easier to fight through, but the loot available in the chests is not that good. The middle floor provides a resting area between the 2 battling segments. The top floors are smaller and harder but provide much better loot.
Fun fact:
Towers always climb counter-clockwise starting at the base. The number of bottom segments and the number of top segments is randomized, but the whole tower always has between 6 and 8 layers.


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