[1.10.2] MoreThanMinecraft Mod Download

MoreThanMinecraft Mod will add more tools to help you update the structure of the world


MoreThanMinecraft Mod – The Structure Of The World Update

– Added Sickle Leaves
– Added Stables
– Added White Wood Stable
– Added Random Boulders To Add Some New Content To Forest
– Added New Underground Dungeons To The Mesa and Desert
– Added A New “How To Build A Snowman” Structure
– Added Some Floating Island Structures
– Added A Snowy Tower
– Added Some Obsidian Structures
– Added The Island Nether
– Added The Netherly End
– Added Ender Quartz Ore
– Added Ender Water
– Added Creeprock Mob
– Added Venospider Mob
– Added Ghost Forest Biome! BOO
– Added Wooden Spiked Block
– Added Posion Gland
– Added Metal Part
– Added Crafting Recipe For Loot Bag
– Changed Loot Bag Texture
– Changed Lava Pipe From Rich Diamond To Metal Part
– Changed Poison Trap To Require Posion Glands
– Changed Spiked Block Recipe To Give 4 Blocks
– Changed Spiked Block Recipe To Include Wooden Spiked Block
– Fixed Spelling Of Poison

MoreThanMinecraft Mod

Have Fun Fightning With Throwing Knives Or Build A Castle Out Of Nether Star Blocks. Maybe You Want A More Sinister Feel Use Nether Wart Blocks To Add To Your Build. Use Ancient Magic To Strike Lightning On Your Foes And Turn All Your Tools Into One. Make Bullets To Use For A Pistol And So Much More.

Somethings This Mod Adds

-An OP MultiTool (Is A Pickaxe, Shovel, And Axe)

-Multiple Condensed Blocks Like Nether Star Blocks, Nether Wart Blocks, Sugar Cane Blocks, Ender Eye And Pearl Blocks, Flesh Blocks And Blaze Blocks

-New Mobs Including Pest, Modified Spider, And Red Zombie

-Adds A New Way Off Getting Ammo

-A Very Good Pistol

-Blocks That Give You Potion Effects

-New Weapons Of Each Type (Iron, Stone, Gold, Wood, Diamond)

– An Epic Throwing Knife

-Use Altars To Control The Elements

-Use Magic To Fly

-Rings Rings And More Rings That Give You Effects

-Turn Altars Into Useable Pendants

-A Trash Can


-And Even More



Minecraft Forge


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