[1.12.1] Mob Mash Mod Download

Mob Mash Mod is a Minecraft mod that adds several sophisticated and advanced new mobs, both hostile and passive, to your world. Each mob added carries a special AI to make them unique, challenging, and most important of all, fitting.

List of Features:

  • The Mothman is a dark and scary type of mob. He only spawns at night and is attracted to lights, but don’t think less of him for that. When ready to fight, the mothman charges at you at double speed and tries to swipe at your eyes and blind you, so make sure to hit at their feet or turn around when they’re about to hit you.
  • The Chupacabra not so much like the canine creature in American folklore but close enough, the Chupacabra only attacks animals when unprovoked. His special attack is a “leech hit” where for each heart he takes from his foes, he gains. Wear armor and use a shield when fighting against these guys, the less health they can steal the easier they are to fight off.
  • The Crocoduck was borrowed from an older mod I created. He doesn’t quack or hiss, he hacks, and he attacks anything he can fit in his mouth. They lay eggs which can be used to hatch a baby Crocoduck, which can be tamed with raw meat and used to hunt animals, but watch out, they won’t stop until your ground is littered in raw meat and other animal drops.
  • The Meme was inspired by the character “Pink Guy” from Filthy Frank. The meme does nothing on its own but scream loudly and run around violently, unless it is left alone to its own kind, where it very quickly learns how to behave like the mobs around it. This includes them eating grass when around sheep, being tamed the same way as wolves are in the presence of wolves, or raid farms with rabbits.
  • The Slagmite was borrowed from another mod I made called KAGIC, the slagmite is like a silverfish but it doesn’t hit in blocks and flees light wherever it may find it. Its signature move is the ability to fuse, or combine into one gigantic slagmite, with the combined health and damage of its consisting slagmites. When large enough, they bear a gray boss bar.
  • The Sandworm is barely visible as it waits slowly for its prey to wander near. Found only in deserts, the sandworm waits on the hot desert sand for something to walk by and attempt to fit its tiny jaws around. It’s ability to create sinkholes make it a sinister foe, but it is quick to subdue with a measly four hearts of health.
  • The Pirate is a treacherous, maritime mob that relentlessly tries to steal your booty (there are no girl pirates, so that be taken either way.) Pirates are capable of picking up items and placing them into an internal inventory, and when killed, their drops are placed in a chest that automatically sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Have fun treasure hunting!
  • The Nomad is a friendly desert mob who travel with their family, making a profit off of far off travelers. Nomads only take gold, they accept nothing else, making them extremely important when you’re hungry and have some gold to spare. They suffer the wrath of Husks, Spiders, and Sandworms, but they have their own tips and tricks to handle these baddies.


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