[1.4.7] Better Animations Collection Revived Mod Download


The Better Animations Collection mod seeks to enhance the Minecraft experience by reworking some of the in-game creature models to fit more and smoother animations. It aims to add a subtle effect to put a small smile on your face. Unlike some mods, Better Animations does not require any other mods, so no ModLoader or Forge are necessary


Squiggly Ghast Tentacles:
One of the first features written for this by KodaichiZero, this feature eases Ghasts of their stiff tentacles and replaces them with state-of-the-art flexible, yet blocky, ones. WARNING: Do not stare in awe at their new tentacles for too long or your face will explode.

Wiggly Squid Tentacles:
Ever since Notch introduced squids, players have been asking themselves ‘Why?’. Well, now no longer will those boat-eating kraken be stiff and ugly boat-eating kraken but instead flexible and ugly boat-eating kraken. WARNING: Do not stare in awe at their new tentacles for too long or your face will drown.

Majestic Ocelot Tails:
For [a] year, wild ocelots have run away from players, into the shadows, embarrassed by their broken bone-looking tail. Now, they will still runaway, but they will run with confidence that their rear end looks amazing and majestic…their tail, that is. WARNING: Do not pull on the majestic tail or your face will be scratched into a thousand pieces.

Wobbly Cow Udders:
Did your know that there’s some weirdo that likes looking at cow butts to watch their udders swing back and forth. Before he was just a creep; now he is still a creep. So if you like that kind of stuff there are two options, one version with nipples and one version without. WARNING: Do not stare at cow udders for too long or your face will be photographed and hung in post offices as a low-profile criminal.

Wibbly Wobbly Slimey Wimey…Stuff:
As if slimes weren’t cute and adorable enough, now they will kill you with their jiggly awesomeness. Like a fat guy or jelly, whenever a slime jumps, all of it will jiggle around. The eyes, mouth, and inside will all jiggle independently. Does not affect magma cubes, however, because they are not as awesome as slimes. WARNING: Whatever you do, don’t blink. Blink and you lose out on jiggly goodness.

Not a product knock-off of the McBurger, but a death animation for the not as awesome slime cousins. That’s all they deserve, a pretty death. WARNING: MgBurgers are not edible and it is not recommended that you eat it since magma cubes are not as awesome as slimes and will melt your face off.

Spider Knees, Spider Knees, Does Whatever a Spider Needs
Creeps you out. Any time. Filler sentence to make a rhyme. Look out! Here comes the Spider knees. WARNING: Does not play catchy theme song.

Rockin Creepers:
Honored as the best animation KodaichiZero created, and inspired by CaptainSparklez’s TNT music video, creepers are now 46.2% more interesting when showing off their moves. WARNING: Creepers still won’t hug you.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Endermen:
Whenever you agro an enderman for whatever reason, if they aren’t holding a block then they will now use the most idiotic and stupid-looking attack strategy: frantically waving their arms above their head like a crazed maniac. Have fun in the End with this. WARNING: Don’t die laughing.

Bend those Knees, Please:
Causes the knees of the player to bend slightly when walking, which is great for playing in only F5 mode. Also affects zombies and zombie pigmen, though their knees are a bit stiffer than the player’s. WARNING: This feature is incompatible with the Smart Moving mod and does not affect the arms in any way.

Kneeling Sheep:
Sheep kneel when they eat grass. WARNING: You’re probably never gonna see this happen often.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks:
Are your dogs tired of their boring old tail? Do they wish they could lie down like a real dog? Well look no further. This feature comes in four options, split across two settings. Your dogs now have the ability to lie down, if you so please, and will roll over when you tempt them with a piece of sweet, succulent meat. You may also add the wagging tail option should you desire your dogs to have tails that do not look like they’re on Viagra. Tails come in two sizes, fluffy and flat. Grab your doggie combo today! WARNING: Do not touch the wagging tail of a dog that isn’t yours. (You’ll die.)


  • Download and open the mod .zip file
  • Locate and open your minecraft.jar: Minecraft likes to hide for whatever reason in the deepest depths of your computer directory. Rather than sitting itself comfortably in a nice folder in Program Files, it decides to live on the edge in the %appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\bin folder. Once you locate your minecraft.jar, open it with your archiving tool.
  • Move over the features you want: To execute this step properly, in the mod’s .zip file you must open the folder of the feature you want. The folders with the ‘++’ at the end have extra folders in them that lead to different options for the feature. Drag the .class files associated with the feature you want into the minecraft.jar. If you absolutely desire the Kneeling Sheep feature, be sure to move both .class files.
  • Delete the META-INF and close everything: If you haven’t already, delete the META-INF folder. After that, you are done. You may install other mods or close minecraft.jar and the mod .zip file and start playing.

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