[1.4.7] Craftable Mob Eggs Mod Download

Minecraft is full of creatures including calm farm life like sheep, pigs, cows and more but it also has terrifying beasts like zombies and spiders!  You have certainly come across all sorts of these creatures during your travels and maybe you would like to be able to use them to a greater advantage in survival mode?  Craftable Mob Eggs is a great idea that allows you to gather resources and create mob eggs that you can use how you like.  You can create these mob eggs by harvesting chicken eggs and Redstone, creating even more uses for both these items.  Then to create mobs, you take these bleach white eggs and mix with items like a feather for a chicken, a string for a spider and many more.  Not only does this add a way to create mobs in survival mode, but it also adds one more use to a ton of items you may never use otherwise

Do you want to create mobs in single player survival? Want more uses for feathers and other throwaway items?  Then Craftable Mod Eggs is for you!

Craftable Mob Eggs Mod Main Features

  • Craft spawn eggs
  • Harvest mobs easier
  • Entity eggs like “primed TNT”
  • Experience eggs!

How to Install Craftable Mob Eggs Mod

  1. Download and patch Modloader with MCPatcherHD (this will install the mods folder)
  2. Open .minecraft and open Mods
  3. Download and add “Craftable Mob Eggs.zip” to MCPatcherHD and run Minecraft

Find all the Recipes at the thread here




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