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Types of Meteors


Meteorite meteors are the most common meteors you will encounter. They crash down to the ground and cool rather rapidly, reducing the amount of Meteor Chips the meteorite ore gives. Meteor chips can be used to craft Meteorite tools, sword, and armor. All the tools and armor have a unique special ability that causes magnetic drops from blocks to come toward when they are on the ground. This is especially great when you have a diamond over some lava and you are afraid you’ll lose it if you mine it. Meteorite armor and tools are about the same as diamond, but have less uses than diamond.

Meteor chips also allow you to create Meteor Shields.

Some meteorite ore can be found deep in the ground. This was added so you would be able to create a meteor shield hopefully before any meteor was able to crash onto your home.

Craft a cooled meteor block:

Meteorite Tools are crafted using iron ingots instead of sticks. This gives them their magnetic abilities. You can change this however in the configuration if you would like to.

Extreme thanks goes to Firecat1311 for making this awesome Meteorite Armor Textures. More thanks for creating the model and texture for the Alien Creeper mob!

Alien Creepers spawn sometimes when a meteor crashes. They can also rarely be found in Meteorite ore, so be wary when you are mining.


Frezarite(freeze-uh-right) meteors are the second most common meteors you will find. It is probably the coolest meteor . When they crash onto the ground, they leave snow, ice, and frezarite ore. Be quick when this meteor crashes because the frezarite ore will melt leaving just water.

Frezarite ore drops frezarite crystals (or freza crystals for short). Freza crystals can be used to craft Frezarite armor, ice, and ice cream.

Frezarite armor has a very unique ability that freezes the water beneath as you walk over it. The radius at which the water around you freezes is increased when you are sprinting to help compensate for any lagg you may have in game. This armor is especially great when you just don’t feel like crafting a boat to cross that river/ocean. Frezarite armor is fairly weak though so I wouldn’t recommend fighting too many battles with it. Many thanks to SLuRsniper24 for the awesome ice armor texture.

There are two flavors of ice cream to choose from: vanilla and chocolate. Chocolate will give just a little bit more to your hunger bar, because…I mean…It’s chocolate! You can craft ice cream by putting the ingredients in any shape or form on a crafting table like above.


Kreknorite(krek-nor-ite) is the rarest meteor you will encounter. When it crashes, it creates a portal to hell (a.k.a. the nether). It will also bring some of its mob with it so watch out. The blocks it creates is lava and kreknorite ore. When the kreknorite ore cools, it creates obsidian so be very quick or you’ll have to clean up a big obsidian mess.

Kreknorite ore drops kreknorite chips(krekno chips for short). Krekno chips are used to craft Kreknorite Armor and a Kreknorite sword. The armor causes you to be completely immune to fire, allowing to dance in fire and swim in lava (great for the nether don’t you think). The sword has a unique ability that sets fire to whatever mob you hit with it. Kreknorite is the strongest material you can make items out of in this mod.


This meteor type is a secret. You will know it when you see it.

Kitty Comet

On a very rare occurence, there will be massive meteor showers that will rain down comet kitties from the who-knows-where. While these comets cause a lot of damage, they also leave the rare comet Kitty behind.

The Comet Kitty is similar to ocelots in that you can tame them and make them your companion. They are fully resistant to fire and are tougher than ocelots. You can also breed them with ocelots and of course other comet kitties. They have space helmets from their journey from the sky.

If you wish to force a comet kitty attack, just use the command: /kittyattack. You will have to be op in order for this to happen or have cheats enabled in SSP.

All about the Meteor Shield!

Meteor Shields are great because they protect your land from a meteor falling down upon it. This is a feature I have never seen before in any previous Meteor mods. Meteor Shield Block and how to craft:

The Meteor Shield takes a moment to charge before it can be used, but you can bypass this by adding another meteorite chip to it. You can do this by right-clicking with a meteorite chip in your hand on to the meteor shield. To make a Meteor Shield more powerful, right-click with a rare Red Meteor Gem in hand to add to the shield’s power. This makes the shield cover more land.

Also, if you are wondering what all does one shield protect. Well, minecraft is made up of chunks. One shield protects 41 chunks around the shield like so:

The Purple dot is the chunk in which the meteor shield is located. The radius of this diamond shape is increased by 4 each time you add a Red Meteor Gem to the shield. If you are unsure if your land is protected, always check with a Meteor Shield Test Torch (see below).

Meteor Shield Test Torch and how to craft:

Lit = Land is protected. Unlit = Land is not protected. Simple

Right-click on the torch to get a list of who’s meteor shields protect this land as well as update it to see if the land is protected.

All about the Meteor Summoner!

Throw this summoner like a snowball and wherever it lands is where a meteor will fall. You can get the red meteor gem in the center from Meteorite blocks on a rare occasion. If the configuration option to prevent to summoner grief is enabled, then you will not be able to summon a meteor on land protected by someone else.

Specific type Summoners:

You can now craft summoners that only summon specific types of meteors. There is a summoner for every type. The default summoner you craft (seen above) will spawn meteors randomly (meteors that are enabled in the config). These summoners work the same way as the default summoner. Just throw and let there be meteor!


Meteorite Summoner:

Frezarite Summoner:

Kreknorite Summoner:

Unknown Summoner:

Kitty Comet Summoner:

Meteor Detectors

Proximity Detector

This meteor detector detects the nearest meteor to fall. This doesn’t mean that the meteor it detects will be the next meteor to fall, but it is the closest to you.

Time Detector

This meteor detector will point you in the direction of the next meteor to fall, but it may not be the closest meteor to fall near you.

Crash Detector

Possibly the most useful detector. This detector will point you toward the last location in which a meteor crashed onto the surface. However, it will not point you toward the crash sites of summoned meteors. Best tactic I consider for finding meteor crash sites is once you hear the crash, check the detector and start running.


This mod adds the wonderment of Meteors to the game! And it’s not just simply for aesthetics – A barrage of new features and ideas have been implemented that really help this mod stand out from the others! Meteors are a new idea and addition to Minecraft and this mod really serves as a great stepping stone into the future of Minecraft Modding!

Falling Meteors Mod Main Features

  • Meteors fall to ground and explode bringing the famous meteorite ore with them!
  • The meteors have a cooling down period, so make sure you get there quick otherwise no resources will be available!
  • Extraterrestrial mobs will also sometimes rarely spawn with the landing of the meteor!
  • The meteors come in all different shapes and sizes!
  • You can spawn in and forge meteors with a valuable ‘meteor summoner’!
  • You can also craft rare ‘Meteor Gems’ with your precious findings!

Falling Meteors Mod Positives and Negatives!

  • PROS: This mod really does a fantastic job of not only introducing Meteors to Minecraft in spectacular fashion, but also does it in an interesting in fun way! There are four main types of Meteor each with it’s own unique spin and difference from the next!
  • CONS: The only possible negative theme running through this mod is that as of yet it is not fully available for server multiplayer, only client! This means you can’t enjoy this mod with your friends, how sad…

Falling Meteors Mod Version 2.8 Changelogs

  • Added Comet Kitties and Comet Kitty
  • Enchantment IDs are now configurable
  • Default IDs changed for compatibility

Falling Meteors Mod Changelogs and Installation

  1. First of all, go into your Minecraft.jar and delete (as always) that pesky META-INF file!
  2. Install ForgeAPI (important, you can’t install without this)
  3. Download the mod and put the whole .zip file into your Minecraft.jar
  4. Run Minecraft and have fun playing with this mod!

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