[1.4.7] Flat Bedrock Layer Mod Download

Have you ever been digging around at the lowest layers of your Minecraft world and get stuck with randomly generated and scraggly looking bedrock, disjointed and potentially fatal (if stuck near lava, making it hard to escape or similar situations).  This makes tasks like finding diamonds by way of violent strip mining, using volatile TNT to carve your way through the haunting depths much easier.  You no longer have to worry about randomly generated crags and pitfalls as you prepare your slime farms, finally making those elusive sticky pistons a slightly more obtainable reality in Survival.  What this mod does is changes the generation of the bottom layer in the world to simply flat, nothing else.  It generates this flat bedrock on new chunks, so makes sure you install and run a new map.

For those of you who like things to be clean and flat, making a much easier mining experience near the darkest depths, this is a mod you should install today!

Flat Bedrock Layer Mod Main Features

  • Completely flat and clean bedrock layer
  • Perfect for slime farms and more!
Flat Bedrock Layer Mod

How to Install Flat Bedrock Layer Mod

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Nagivate to your “.minecraft” folder and locate your Minecraft.jar
  3. Right-click and open .jar with WinRAR (or similar)
  4. Delete META-INF inside the jar file
  5. Download and place entire zip of “Flat Bedrock Layer” into your Minecraft.jar
  6. Run minecraft and generate a new world

Download links for other versions:





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