[1.4.7] More Village Biomes+ Mod Download




Have you ever been out and about struggling to find an npc village? Well I sure have, it is such a pain exploring the vest endless world just looking for a tiny village hidden somewhere in the world. Wether it is in the dessert or the grass plains it is still very hard to come across one. Well this mod changes it all! This mod allows npc villages to generate in all of the major biomes.  Forest, Extreme Hills, Jungle, Taiga, Swamp, Ice Plains, and certainly the normal Plains and Desert. And some more cool additions, so once the villagers get settled in their new environment they started to upgrade their buildings with new materials! I think that this is a really neat and handy mod because it was very agonizing searching endlessly for a npc village, well this mod changes it all. You will have a much greater chance of coming across an npc village no matter where you are. I would give this mod an 8/10 because of its simplicity and it being a very good addition to Minecraft. Here are different biomes: The Jungle biome, The Ice Plains biome, The Forest biome:

*Note: New villages will only appear in new chunks.  Old chunks (from existing worlds) will remain unchanged.  So travel far, or start a new world to see the new villages. (I suggest that you make a new world)*

How to Install More Village Biomes+ Mod

  1. Download the More Village Biomes+ Mod
  2. Download latest ModLoader
  3. Open .minecraft/bin
  4. Open Minecraft.jar
  5. Delete META INF
  6. Drag the ModLoader files into Minecraft.jar
  7. Do the same with the More Village Biomes+ Mod files
  8. Close out of all the windows
  9. Profit and play.



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