[1.4.7] No Infinite Water Mod Download

Hey guys, Milkman here! (The soviet gamer) and I’m here to present you the No Infinite Water Mod. Im sure that every experienced Minecraft player knows the glitch in Minecraft, it has been around since the alpha days and I am talking about the infinite water glitch. You can create a little pool and surround it by two water sources and then wallah! You have a infinite supply of water for your own desire. What this mod does is it stops the from happening…. I dont know why someone would make this type of mod, It’s really unnecessary and I’m sure that everyone likes infinite water!! You can do so much with it, like have a little pool for your own desires or you can have an awesome farm.. etc. If you could find a use for this mod please tell me haha, I’m really curious to see what people can come up with and what fun things they can do with this very odd mod. Here is a nice picture of water just for you :)

So here’s some more info, some ramdom derp called Verp requested this mod for unknown reasons. Isn’t that weird.. Would you agree with me? Haha but whatever, this mod has been made and there is no turning back now. And now were stuck with it also it will probably haunt us forever… Butt! there are way better mods out there on the interwebs for you to add to your collection of mods so I would just recommend this mod for a joke or just ‘that’ mod to have around saved somewhere on your computer taking up that 2 megabytes of space somewhere in your various folders.

How To Install The No Infinite Water Mod

  • Download ModLoader
  • Download the No Infinite Water Mod
  • Go to the roaming folder
  • Open .minecraft / bin and Minecraft.jar
  • Delete the meta inf folder
  • Drag in the Mod files from the zip
  • Profit.



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