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Decorating your home is something only very few players seem to put alot of effort into. However in saying this, there really isnt much to decorate with anyway. I suppose when minecraft was created it really was simple to break and place blocks, no strings attached. As soon as the survival feature was introduced into minecraft building pretty structures began to shrink into building a home that can insure your survival. Players became bloodthirsty and craved survival. In the midst of these players builders and designers of the worlds still built, and created with what they could, when they could, But mojang simply forgot about the builders, and kept on updating.

Particle Decoration Mod

  • 2 new particle boxes added: Note Particle Box and Emerald Particle Box
  • Dye and glowstone dust can be put into the boxes now without opening the GUI
  • Flickering in Particle Box GUI fixed

Particle Decoration Mod

What if there was a mod that simply added decorative blocks to minecraft. However something different. Something that hasn’t been done before. With the particle decoration mod instead of using building blocks it introduces a  new kind of decoration to minecraft by using particles. New particles and old particles can be created by crafting a new block that emits different colored particle trails in a various set of ways. These new particle emitting blocks are activated by red-stone which will also give you just one more thing to do with all that spare red-stone you may have lying around in your storage. Not only do these particles look good, they can be lethal too. Not only to you, but to mobs. Using the different types of particles you can angle them to create traps and protective fence like areas to protect you from the outside world, or however you want. By using this mod, magical displays can be created by using the wonderous art of redstone. To craft a decorative block, use this crafting recipe: You may notice the blocks have icons above them, use these to define their alternative action. Fire, burms the AI on contact. The heart heals the AI on contact. Simple.

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How to install Particle Decoration Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft after you have downloaded the mod folder.
  3. Locate you mods folder inside .minecraft, if this file does not exist, create it.
  4. Drag the entire downloaded mod file into your mods folder. (do not extract)
  5. Run minecraft and enjoy. Be sure that minecraft forge was installed before the particle decoration mod.

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