[1.4.7] Retro Fences Mod Download

Retro Fences converts the new fences back to the way they functioned in Minecraft 1.0. Many players designed their structures and buildings using the old fencing model. When the new fences came out, they all attached to adjacent blocks. This arguably ruined some peoples’ hard work, making it look completely different to how they originally intended. This mod allows you to save your structure’s initial style so you can show it off to your friends the way it was meant to be.

To be clear, Retro Fences stops fence pieces from further attaching to adjacent blocks. Your fences will now only attach to adjacent fence pieces and fence gates. Please keep in mind that this mod also works with other fence types such as Nether block fences that you can obtain by going into the Nether yourself. Retro Fences is easy to install and is only useful for cosmetic purposes. An example of when this may be useful is where you have built a column or tower of fence pieces. In Minecraft 1.0, the tower appeared as a thin wooden pole. Now, with the fence update, each piece will attach it’s self to an adjacent block if there is one available. Perhaps you are just used to the old way they looked and are just not ready for a change? Then this mod is for you.

How to install Retro Fences Mod

  1. Download the Retro Fences mod using the download link.
  2. Place the .class file that you get given inside of your current minecraft.jar
  3. Delete all of the files in your META-INF folder, which is located inside your minecraft.jar
  4. Enjoy your retro style fences and show off your building and structures the way they were meant to be!

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