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This mod adds features from the Inheritance Series to Minecraft. This includes magic, the races, rider swords, and most importantly, dragons!


The Land of AlagesiaThe land of Alagesia will become one with the land of Minecraft.This land will now contain human cities, the elven forests, the underground homes of dwarves, Varden camps, and more!


Dragons are hatched from eggs found in temple/ dragon soul vault type areas. When hatched, the dragon will go through the different stages of growing up until adulthood. When a dragon becomes an adult, you can then mount it and have the ability to fly it around the world. Not all dragons will be the same though! Dragons will have multiple colors, and depending upon your dragon’s color, it will have a different ability. The current planned colors are red, blue, green, yellow, brown, white, black, purple, and pink.

Rider Sword Smithing!

Rider Swords are crafted using Brightsteel ingots. These ingots are smithed from brightsteel ore, which will naturally generate in the world, at a slightly rarer rate than diamond. When put into the crafting bench in a similar fashion as a furnace, the player can create a Brightsteel Furnace with the ingots.This Brightsteel Furnace is where the rider’s sword is created, and depending upon your dragon’s color, your sword will share the color. If you craft a Rider’s Sword before you tame a dragon, you will get a blank Rider’s Sword.

The Races of Alagaësia!

The races in the mod will be exactly the same as the book series. The mod shall have Dwarves in underground metropolises, Elves in their forest land, Humans in their villages/cities, and even Urgals and Werecats! In the forests will be animals that would naturally be there, such as rabbits, deer, etc. Perhaps in the future a race selection menu could be implemented, allowing you to play as a Human, Elf, or Dwarf.


Seeing as how magic as the series depicts would be difficult to find a good, balanced way to be implemented in Minecraft, the only idea I currently have is a system similar to the enchanting system, but with the words of power, no enchantment levels, and no randomness. Ideas would be very appreciated.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Shur’tugal Mod
  • Put Shur’tugal Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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  1. A possible idea for this is, you find pages containing the ancient language, then you right click with the pages/books in your hand, and you learned a new word, you then press m for a screen containing words, that you can combine into a sentence!

  2. you could have mini dungeons or ruins where you find either a book or an alter that you right click and learn a spell from, then open a gui and bind spells to the number keys for faster casting. after using a spell enough you get better at it (lv up).

  3. waaaaiiiit, it says “this mod shall have elves and cities” and such. does that mean it isn’t included and that thats for a future uptdate?



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