[1.4.7] The Nether Eye Mod Download

Minecraft is full of adventures and they get more exciting once you get to the Nether. Why is that so?  The Nether has new monsters and new blocks and items you can acquire for crafting unique items and scary mobs that will fight you. However in the depths of the Nether there are secrets that lay within and these secrets are held inside Nether fortresses. To your pity these fortresses are hard to find, and while searching for one you can get lost and forget the path to your Nether portal to come back to earth.

The Nether Eye Mod

This mod comes in aid, the Nether eye mod flies in the direction of a Nether fortress once launched into the air. NO longer troubles of finding the Nether fortress will apply to you. Now new adventures lay in front of you with new dangers and rewards

To craft the Nether eye, you will require: an ender pearl and magma cream. Just combine these two to create a nether eye.

The Nether Eye Mod Main Features

The Nether eye is similar to an ender pearl. It will show the direction to a Nether fortress when launched into the air. It is easily crafted and it only works while you are located in the Nether.

How to Install The Nether Eye Mod

  1. Download the Nether Eye Mod
  2. Download and install Forge API for the latest version of Minecraft
  3. Locate your minecraft. folder located at AppData\Roaming\minecraft.\
  4. Open the bin folder and locate minecraft.jar
  5. Open it with an Unarchiver e.g winrar
  6. Locate and delete the META-INF folder
  7. Open the Nether eye mod and copy all of the .class files into minecraft.jar
  8. close all of the windows
  9. Enjoy!

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