[1.6.2] Enhanced Visuals Mod Download



Nice Slendy….

Enhanced Visuals Mod


Blood Splatter on enemy contact and when you attack mobs/players/animals with weapons:

Enhanced Visuals Mod

Water splashes:

Enhanced Visuals Mod

Burn marks:

Enhanced Visuals Mod

Sand and Snow Splats

Enhanced Visuals Mod

Enhanced Visuals Mod


Potion Splashing(OMG SO PRETTY)

Enhanced Visuals Mod

Low health overlay:

Enhanced Visuals Mod

Burn overlay when in lava (in survival, works best with diamond armor):

Enhanced Visuals Mod

Extra Features:

Who da heck needs weapons!?(Chuck Norris Mode, unactivated by Default; see config below)

Enhanced Visuals Mod


When battling more than one enemy, slow motion kills will activate on the last mob killed(single player only). Tools will change texture(on default texture pack) when they get to certain durability levels.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Enhanced Visuals Mod zip file
  • Place the class file into the Minecraft.jar
  • Place the zipped file called EnhancedVisualsMod.zip in the mods folder
  • Run Minecraft and enjoy!

If you are getting a crash log similar to

java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Expected non-static field asz.d

then just do not install the base class. It will disable slow-motion kill cams but will no longer crash your game.

# Use new calibration when creating Splats; attempts to keep them off the middle of your screen
B:calibration=true# Enables mega blood splatter when punching with fists

# Blood cap for a single hit of damage. Very high is very bloody.

# Whether or not to ‘crack’ your screen when shot by arrows.

# Whether or not to change tool textures based on durability.

# Max number of Splats on the screen at a given time.

# Maximum amount of scaling of texture files(in percentage). Too high may result in bloated images.

# Reduces visibility of Splats: 0.0 = None, 1.0 = Full

All these are the default values of the Enhanced Visuals config. These are found in a file called EnhancedVisuals.cfg in your config folder of the .minecraft directory. You may change any of these values to true/false or any number you wish


Download links for other versions:











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