[1.9.4] AWH Haggis Mod Download


AWH Haggis Mod adds more food items and ingredients into Minecraft.

The mod adds the following items to the game:

  • Raw Haggis
  • Cooked Haggis
  • Golden Haggis
  • Sheep Stomach

Raw Haggis is obtained from a Crafting Table using a Sheep Stomach, Wheat, Beef, and Raw or Cooked Mutton. When eaten, Raw Haggis will heal 2 full hunger but has a chance of inducing food poisoning for 60 seconds.

Cooked Haggis is obtained by cooking Raw Haggis in a Furnace, and heals 4 full hunger.



Golden Haggis is obtained by crafting in the same way used to make Golden Apples and fully replenishes your hunger, as well as giving you 10 seconds of health regeneration. There is a 1% chance that a sheep will drop 1 Golden Haggis.


Sheep Stomach is obtained by killing sheep, but the mob may not always drop the item.


Minecraft Forge


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