[1.7.2] Balkon’s Weapon Mod Download

Hey minecrafters, have you ever wanted more than just a sword? How about a spear or a battle Axe? Then this is the Mod for you, Balkon’s Weapons Mod adds a whole variety of weapons to minecraft from spears to war hammers, or do you just feel that you castle needs working cannons? Then this Mod is your answer and to give you that extra feel it also includes craft able training dummies , the Balkon’s Weapons Mod creator has even teamed up with other Mod creators so that you can have even more fun but this Mod adds enough variety alone to keep you occupied and and if you think TNT costs to much gunpowder to craft then pick up some throw able dynamite for half the cost in gunpowder!

I would like to say a big thank you to balkondeur alpha for this great Mod, not only does it give you variations on the normal sword but it also helps you with aesthetic design on certain aspects of the game

How to Install Balkon’s WeaponMod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge and install it to you .minecraft jar file
  2. Download Balkon’s Weapons Mod
  3. Type %appdata% in the search bar
  4. Open . minecraft
  5. Drag all the files from weapons mod into the jar file

Download links for other versions:








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