[1.7.10] Parachute Mod Download

Well really, what I’ve got for you here is very creative. I mean it isn’t a surprise that someone thought about it, but its just the kind of thing you never really think of but can get really fun. Jumping down from a very high cliff? Yes, people do that in many games, that includes Minecraft. And when I mean jump, they usually just jump and expect to live. Or they don’t but they jump anyway. With this Mod thought, the Parachute Mod you will live (if you get it right that is…)

Let me explain how you really use the Parachute Mod before you download it and well, die anyway. When you jump off a cliff yeah, right-click your mouse and the parachute should appear and let you glind the wind. But make sure you have the parachute item selected before you go jumping off them cliffs! Now when you have the parachute and your approaching the ground, the parachute will drop giving you a bumper so you won’t die hitting the ground. Make sure you avoid cliff walls and the like because that could make the parachute drop itself automatically when you go near them and well. You’d fall and DIE – Like a Boss I tell you! Now one last thing, you can configure your Parachute Mod in the config file so you set the maximum altitude level, the default is 140 and that should be high enough seriously. To glind the wind use ‘space’, just so those people to lazy to try things out have things clear.

This is the recipe to craft the Parachute in the Parachute Mod:

How to Install Parachute Mod

  1. Download the Parachute Mod
  2. Save the file
  3. Drag all the files in the zip into the minecraft.jar folder (which is in .minecraft/bin btw)
  4. Download the latest version of the Minecraft Forge API
  5. Drag all the ModLoader file, also into the Minecraft.jar
  6. Run Minecraft and play
  7. That should do!

Download links for other versions:










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  1. this is awesome



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