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Hearts: x 10

Habitat: Forest, Birch Forest, Taiga, Savannah

Tempted by: Wheat seeds.

Information: A very large, protective mob. It is passive, but when attacked will become hostile. The babies look different to the parents.



Hearts: x 1

Habitat: Plains, Forest, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest

Tempted by: Sugar.
Varieties: 5

Information: These are very small, colourful birds that make a lot of noise. They hover around and flap their wings really fast. They can be attracted by holding sugar.



Hearts: x 3

Habitat: Beach, River, Swampland
Information: These are small, quiet birds that live around water. Occasionally they will swoop in, retrieve a fish and fly around with it in their mouth.



Hearts: x 6

Habitat: Forest, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest, Taiga

Tempted by: Wheat seeds.
Information: These are medium sized walking birds. Occasionally they will ?scavenge? and hold something in their mouth. You can retrieve this item by hitting them, but it wil ltake a while for them to scavenge again. You can hear them via the chatter they make.



Hearts: x 4 (untamed) or x 6 (tamed)

Habitat: Jungle, Forest, Birch Forest

Tempted by: Wheat seeds.
Varieties: 3
Information: These colourful birds can be found in jungles. They can be tamed using wheat seeds and will follow you like wolves. You can also make them sit.



Hearts: x 6

Habitat: Plains, Jungle, Forest, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest

Tempted by: Wheat seeds.
Varieties: 3
Information: These birds were the first bird to be added to the mod. They can be found wandering around the world. The peacocks can be told apart from the peahens by the colourful plumage. Right clicking a peacock will change whether its train (tail feathers) are open or closed. You can also mate two peafowl using wheat seeds! There is also an elusive Albino Peafowl. Rumours say it lays golden eggs.



Hearts: x 6

Habitat: Desert, Mesa, Savannah

Tempted by: Wheat seeds.
Information: A very very fast desert bird. It doesn?t make much noise, but you won?t be able to miss it! To get close, you need to be holding wheat seeds.



Hearts: x 6

Habitat: Beach, River, Ocean

Tempted by: Wheat seeds.
Varieties: 3
Information: These birds can be found in any biome by water. As this is their natural habitat, you will often find them swimming in rivers. You can hear them by the harsh honking sounds they make.



Hearts: x 4

Habitat: Jungle, Savannah

Tempted by: Wheat seeds.
Varieties: 3
Information: These birds can be found in tropical biomes. They have large colourful beaks and make a distinctive call.



Hearts: x 4

Habitat: Forest, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest

Information: You can find these birds high up in trees merrily pecking away holes. They will make a sound when doing so, meaning you will know when one is nearby. When disturbed they will fly to find another tree.




Are you tired of seeing the same old animals on your Minecrafting adventures? If so, this mod is for you! This mod adds some amazing exotic birds to your world!

Bird Meat

  • Bird Meat is dropped by all of the birds. Just place the raw meat in a furnace to cook yourself some tasty grub!

Book of Birds

  • This book tells you about all of the birds in game. It includes their picture, the scientific name and a little caption about them. It can be crafted using a normal book and a peacock feather, like so:



  • This item will occasionally drop from nests, and also when you throw any of the bird eggs. It can be used like bonemeal to speed up the growth of plants and to grow flowers.

Egg Sorter

  • It does not yet do anything interesting, but can be used to store your eggs if necessary.



  • Probably the most important part of the mod. You will find these nests sitting atop leaves in your world. Breaking them will drop 0-3 different bird eggs and some sticks. Empty nests can be crafted using the following recipe. When placed, they will be affected by gravity:


Peacock Feather

  • Dropped by Peacocks, these feathers can be used to craft the Book of Birds.

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download links for other versions:





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