BicBiomeCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

BicBiomeCraft is really Bic “big” which means the biomes added by this mod is insanely big and you will get bored of it soon since its basically very verrryyy big. The creator made this mod because he was bored of the old biomes which is too small so he made this mod to solve the problem (which he nails it). This mod is just “awesome” everything is well cordinated and perfectly crazy! The biomes is big but one thing that actually stuck in my head is the details of this mod in which isn’t enough to cover all this massive piece of work but its still very fine. There are lots of adventures and treasures waiting for you in this mod so don’t wait until its pushed away from the forums!

BicBiomeCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  • Added 220+ new biomes, this is a massive number if you have tried modding
  • Added 8 sets of new tools and items
  • 8 set of armors and weapons
  • Added new types of trees
  • Added new types of ores
  • A single new food added
  • 5 New mobs
  • Water colors retextured
  • Made some ores spwner in nether
  • Added leaves effects
  • TungArmors are now alittle tougher in bosses levels
  • You can ride wanderers!
  • 10 New god items added
  • More craftable recipes (too much I can’t list them)
  • Added 6 new planet
  • Added 4 new cloud system
  • Added 12 turrets

How to Install BicBiomeCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. This Mod needs forge! 
  2. Go to run in your start menu
  3. Type “%appdata%”
  4. Find “roaming” folder
  5. Then “.minecraft” folder
  6. Go to “bin” folder
  7. Open “Minecraft.jar” with winrar or 7zip
  8. Copy and paste the forge contents here
  9. Go back to “.minecraft” folder and find “mods” folder
  10. Copy and paste your mods here without unzipping
  11. DONE!



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