Butterflies Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

There are so many old and new mobs in the Minecraft world. But think how many of them are actually friendly. With continuous introductions of new enemy mobs, the Minecraft world is gradually becoming a place of danger. There is a need to change the atmosphere of the world. Well, Butterflies Mod is just for that! This mod will add butterflies to your Minecraft world. There are so many different kinds of butterflies you will see. Each of them are in their own eye-catching colors. Some of the butterflies are just so rare, so good luck in finding them.

Also, you can catch the butterflies alive or dead and use them to create a garden or a gallery.

You will need a net to catch the butterflies.

Butterflies Mod

In order to catch the butterflies alive and tame them, you will need one of these jars. Remember, if you catch a butterfly without a jar, it will die. But don’t worry, you can always use it to make a butterfly trophy for your gallery. See the recipe for the Jar and Trophy in the screenshot section.

How to install Butterflies Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download the file from below.
  2. Install ModLoader and Minecraft Forge API.
  3. Move the contents in the “Mod Files/Forge/minecraft_jar” of the downloaded file into your minecraft.jar.
  4. Extract the “Mod Files/Forge/mods” folder of the downloaded file into .minecraft folder.
  5. Enjoy!




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