IronChests Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4

This brilliant mod by cpw adds a variety of different chests to the game, all with different capacities. It scales from copper chests (if you have a forge mod that adds copper) all the way to diamond chests!

Lets run through the chests and their different capacities.

Copper Chest

The lowest tier, crafted like so:

It holds a little bit less than a regular large chest. Note that this chest is only available if you have a forge mod which adds copper.

Iron Chest

Crafted like so:

Holds just as much as a regular large chest.

Silver Chest

Only available if you have a Forge mod that adds silver. Crafted like so:

Holds a bit more then the Iron chest.

Gold Chest

This is when the chests become a bit more insane, crafted like so:

Holds about twice as much as the iron chest.

Diamond Chest

The top tier of the chests, expensive to craft but definitely worth it!

Holds… well…ALOT

The Crystal Chest!

This one is very cool! Holds the same amount as the diamond chest but with a special feature, you can see what items are inside without even opening up the chest!

That wraps up all of the chests, but it doesn’t stop there! There is one more thing that this mod adds, Chest Upgrades! For example, right click with a iron to gold upgrade on a iron chest and it will be instantly turned into a gold chest, handy! To craft them, all you do is take the type of metal you’re upgrading from and then surround it into the metal you’re upgrading to in the crafting table.

That wraps up the review! I think this mod is so awesome and a brilliant idea. Highly recommend for you to give this one a try. It’s very handy, perfect for compact storage.

Iron Chests Mod Version 4.1 for Minecraft 1.4.2 Changelogs

  • Compatibility with Minecraft 1.4

How to Install Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

  1. Install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download the Iron Chests mod.
  3. Place the .zip into your mods folder and enjoy!



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