Metallurgy Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

Ok, you know those times where you want a challenge in Minecraft but you just have a full chest of every mineral, even diamonds. Well, this mod will enable you to have that challenge.

Basically, what this mod does is it adds thirty-four new metals to the game depending on which pack/s you choose to install. The packs that you can choose from are these:

  • Metallurgy Core (Required to play Metallurgy!)
  • Metallurgy Base Metals
  • Metallurgy Precious Metals
  • Metallurgy Nether Metals
  • Metallurgy Fantasy Metals
  • Metallurgy Ender Metals
  • Metallurgy Utility Ores

If you have ever played Tekkit  or Technic, you will know a lot of these ores and materials as some of them are included in both mods. Some of these specific minerals are: Copper, tin, silver and brass. Most of the new minerals attached can be made into weapons, armour, and tools.

There are also new methods of smelting: Nether Metals adds Smelters, these special furnaces are crafted using 8 metal bars in addition to the previous tier of Smelter (starting at Stone Furnace). These Smelters can store lava. Simply right click with a bucket on lava on them to dump it in them; they then use this lava storage tank to smelt your metals at a very fast rate. Each tier of Smelter gets a faster and a larger storage tank.Metallurgy Mod

One of the other cool things is that there are now nether ores!

Nether Metals:
these metals are Ignatius, Shadow Iron, Lemurite, Shadow Steel, Midasium, Vyroxeres, Ceruclase, Adluorite, Inolashite, Kalendrite, Amordrine, Vulcanite, and Sanguinite.

These metals vary in strength from midrange overworld metals to post-Diamond and are only obtainable in the Nether. Some Nether metals come with alternate uses (Ignatius/Vulcanite can be used for fuel for example). Nether Metals also comes with a new furnace called a Smelter that’s powered specifically by lava.

Metallurgy Mod Version for Minecraft 1.3.2 Changelog

  • Buckets into a smelter works again
  • Coin IDs fixed
  • Abstracter ID’s no longer hardcoded
  • IC2 API issues fixed

How to install Metallurgy Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Download the mod
  2. Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge
  3. Open up your %appdata%
  4. Go into the .bin
  5. Go into your Minecraft.jar
  6. Drag all the files into Minecraft. Jar
  7. Delete META INF
  8. Enjoy!



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