[1.5.1] THX Helicopter Mod Download

This mod is an early mod but is a work in progress. The developer of this mod has said this is an open source project which means you can download the code and develop this mod in your own way. The helicopter is currently “cheap” to craft but I think that will change in time. You can change your skin and how your helicopter looks.

THX Helicopter Mod

This mod is in early development, but what there is of this mod its impressive, its enjoyable to play and fly about with. I love the ability to customise your own helicopter skin. I love the fact that this mod is a open source project and I will be interested in seeing what other people will add to the mod. I hope more features such as guns are added. But in time we will see.

How to Install THX Helicopter Mod

  1. Download the newest version of ModLoader
  2. Download the most recent version of THX Helicopter Mod
  3. Type %appdata%
  4. Open .minecraft / bin
  5. Open Minecraft.jar
  6. Delete the META INF folder
  7. Drag in the ModLoader files
  8. Go to .minecraft/ mods
  9. Drag THX Helicopter folder to /mods
  10. Enjoy!

Download links for other versions:






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