Portal Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Portal? A very popular thing among we humans, many people believe that in the future we may have portals to other dimensions, or to the future (time  machine ). But now, Minecraft have it! :) As you know, Portal is a thing that makes you teleport to somewhere else, that’s why portal gun is a gun which shoots out Portal.

 Portal Gun Mod isn’t all about portal gun. It is also about the things of the future! (yeah!:)) The things in the future which are, turrets, some weird things, energy launcher, and many more cool things!

Thanks to the developer (iChun) for making this mod for us to use. PortalGun Mod is one of the Mods I downloaded in my minecraft.jar first! Now it has a new update for 1.2.5


  • New turret updates! = ex. sizzling sound, adjustable range, turrets drop when it is destroyed by us, new turret named Defective turret!
  • Added checkpoint boxes = walk on them to set a new checkpoint.
  • Added Aerial Faith Plates = quick mode of transporting your character, don’t forget your knee replacements for falling damage!
  • Added Portal spawners = Spawns a portal on them if redstoned powered.
  • Added Portal gun pedestal = works like a leg of the portal gun, when holding the portal gun, right click on the Pedestal.
  • Added Single Colored Portal guns = you no need time switching them anymore!

Portal Gun Mod version 1.2.5v1 for Minecraft 1.2.5 Changelog

  • Fixed and changed many issues
  • Removed AudioMod dependency.
  • Added rendering of portal outline whilst holding the related portal gun.
  • Added fizzlerCubeMode which specifies how Cubes are affected by fizzlers and lava.
  • Added slight increase in magnitude when falling into a floor portal out a wall portal.
  • Added property to make fizzlers indestructable.

How to Download and Install Portal Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download ModLoaderAudioMod, and MC Forge API
  2. Download the Portal Gun Mod zip file
  3. Drag files in ” place in resources” into your resources folder in run/%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/
  4. Drag files in ” place in mods” into your mods folder ( after you downloaded modloader and test it it should auto create this folder, if not create a new one)
  5. In “place in mods” there is Portalgun<version>.zip  into minecraft.jar folder
  6. PLAY!

*If you have problems comment*

Have a fun day minecrafting! :)



  1. thanks for nearly destoring this laptop


    • this is why you should mod with the latest forge first and THEN trying out older versions

  2. my games crashes because of modloader what can I do

  3. it crashed my win vista computer

  4. umm if u download make sure its JAR not zip or exe

  5. i download at 9MINCRAFT.com

  6. 9minecraft.com

  7. I’m a fan of portal. I’m not kidding guys. The game is really cool.

  8. Really is a great game. Also I’d played portal 2 too. You know what wheatley looks like? he has a light blue eye and round.

  9. And 9Minecraft.com?! Now your talkin

  10. Hey FUCK U can I talk with you?



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