[1.5.2/1.5.1] [16x] Adora Texture Pack Download

Cuteness. That is the word which categorizes the whole texture pack. The Adora Texture pack is a soft and bright texture pack with bright textures and a bright and moody atmosphere. Along with the happy atmosphere, the texture pack features cute animals and many more cute things. The GUI has not been forgotten and has been designed really well to contribute to the whole atmosphere of the texture pack. Surely this is an energetic and positive texture pack which would be perfect to use for every day playing and for the youngster. The design of the items and the smooth textures make it appear harmless and ambient. Simplicity is valued and this is what the author achieved.  The lighting and the detail of the water make this texture pack extremely attractive to the eye.

Adora Texture Pack Adora Texture Pack

Adora Texture Pack Main Features

The texture pack features so the and bright textures which look very attractive and cute. The most attractively designed things are the animals and the wooden blocks. They add the cuteness to the atmosphere. The texture pack features bright lighting and great shadows. Overall a really nice texture pack to play around with.

Adora Texture Pack Pros and Cons

The texture pack has been well designed and has a rather good look to it. However the disappointing thing is the unpleasant look of the character menu, which is a large disappointment.

How to Install Adora Texture Pack

  1. Download the texture pack and save it on your computer
  2. Locate the texture pack folder
  3. The folder can be accessed from the menu in the game
  4. Place the texturepack.zip file into the folder
  5. Close the window and launch Minecraft
  6. Enjoy playing with your new texture pack which will bring you heaps of happiness and positive energy.


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