[1.5.2/1.5.1] [16x] Cartoon Craft Texture Pack Download

Are you tired of high resolution texture packs that crash your computer and lag your Minecraft game? Are you sick of texture packs that almost make Minecraft real, don’t you just wish that Minecraft could be a game again?! Well that is now a possibility with the Cartoon Craft Texture Pack! This texture pack uses bold colors and high contrasts to add a cartoon-y aspect. Created by developer ‘Partisan Project’- this texture pack really is one to consider!

Cartoon Craft Texture Pack Cartoon Craft Texture Pack

Cartoon Craft Texture Pack Main Features!

  • This texture pack uses simple, darkened bold colors to really push across that old school cartoon-y feel!
  • The high contrasts between colors provides an eye catching and interesting spectrum!
  • This texture pack requires either MCpatcher or OptiFine to run to its full potential!

Cartoon Craft Texture Pack Pros and Cons!

POSITIVES: This texture pack is very simple! If you are really looking for a texture pack that makes Minecraft a game again then this is it! Its simple design allows for a quirky landscape and somewhat friendly mobs! The developer is currently updating it frequently and is open to suggestions for new updates!

NEGATIVES: Many have complained that this Texture Pack looks rather unoriginal and follows the ‘bucket-fill’ option. People want originality and unfortunately there are thousands of texture packs that do the same as this one is promising!

How to Install Cartoon Craft Texture Pack

  1. First of all, this texture pack requires the installation of OptiFine to correctly display at its full potential!
  2. Alternatively, you could instead install MC patcher, which can be found here!
  3. Download the Cartoon Craft Texture Pack and drag and drop the files into your Texture Packs folder inside your Minecraft directory.
  4. There is also an option to select your texture pack in the opening Minecraft GUI screen!


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