[1.5.2/1.5.1] [64x] Guruth Medieval Fantasy Texture Pack Download

Texture packs are known by most of the Minecraft user community. The entertaining and usually detailed features are often good, however it takes an experienced designer with a good sense of what he/she is doing to create a spectacular piece of artwork. The Guruth Medieval Fantasy texture pack has a developer who knows exactly what he is creating and to what theme, also chosen by the same person. By building and designing the textures to the correct theme, and done so with effort and consideration; the creator has managed to produce an amazing texture pack for the players enjoyment. The themes that this pack has it’s textures designed based on is Medieval and Fantasy. Hence the name of the pack, this mod works to implement not only textures, but also a new theme to the game of Minecraft. The pack really does introduce an amazing feel to the game, and changes how you feel or even survive in the game itself.

The texture pack designer has clearly put a lot of effort and passion into his work, and this clearly shows. The result is amazing and very admirable to just admire, to use. It makes buildings created by players look 10 times better, I kid you not; the structures in maps; cities, towns, anything man-made looks extraordinary with the new theme. This texture pack also tiles wonderfully, making the texture pack almost perfect to use. Especially because the pack has been designed at a higher resolution, this makes the texture pack much more realistic, however more dependent on your FPS. You can check your FPS by pressing the F3 key whilst inside your minecraft world(s). This will show you a screen with information, and to close it, simply press the same key again.

Guruth Medieval Fantasy Texture Pack Guruth Medieval Fantasy Texture Pack Guruth Medieval Fantasy Texture Pack Guruth Medieval Fantasy Texture Pack

How to Install the Guruth Medieval Fantasy Texture Pack

  1. Download and install the Optifine mod before the installation process, or download and manually patch AFTER the installation process using the Mcpatcher program.
  2. Install Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack 
  3. Download the texture pack zip file
  4. And follow the clip below:


1 Comment

  1. What the heck i downloaded it did all the things on the video and the animals and mobs looked like the default texture pack and i think that this texture pack deserves a 2!



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