[1.5.2/1.5.1] [64x] KDS Photo Realism Texture Pack Download

Texturepacks such as the KDS photo realism HD texturepack are usually considered something similar to a piece of artwork. This is only because the artist of the texturepack has put an extreme amount of consideration and effort into its creation. However the creation of the KDS photo realism texturepack, has been done considerably different to most, other texturepacks available today. By using photography; hence the texturepacks name, the texturepack replaces the simplistic old textures of the minecraft default texturepack with new, unique and excellently done photographic artwork. However not all of the texturepack is photography, yet the textures that are not are extremely detailed and very realistic.

KDS photo realism texturepack, follows a very simple, yet unique theme for the texturepack. This theme is simply; introduce extremely magical and realistic feelings into the game. Some artists can go way over the top when it comes to adding details to their texture packs. Making things look, in a way, clumsy and overdone. There is nothing wrong with a detailed texture pack. However sometimes it can make it look a little too realistic for the type of game it’s used for. This texture pack stopped right on the line and is just perfect when it comes to detail. .it’s based upon except realistic gameplay and high definition textures.

KDS Photo Realism Texture Pack

KDS Photo Realism Texture Pack Main Features

This amazing texturepack is available in 4 different resolution versions. These resolutions range from one of the lowest, to one of the very highest available. The artist has obviously taken the texturepacks users into consideration by doing this. Often users do not have a good enough computer to run such a high definition texturepack, and this is a fair enough statement. Often all players need is a realistic yet, simplistic texturepack. Often this sort of texturepack would not work well, however with the KDS photo realism texturepack it works just fine.

KDS Photo Realism Texture Pack

This texturepack has been made to an extraordinary new kind of level. However, such a texturepack requires a foreign program or mod to patch it. A patcher is extremely easy to find and just as easy to use. For a texturepack to work properly, and for all the textures to turn out correctly, without bugs or errors; it is required that the texturepack to be patched. By installing and then manually patching your texturepacks with the foreign program: mcpatcher, or you could simply install the optifine mod, and the mod will patch your texturepacks automatically. Both of these options work just the same and are very efficient. Links to both of these programs/mods will be in the installation instructions.


The KDS photo realism texturepack requires a patcher no matter what resolution of the texturepack you use. In saying this, you must be extremely careful when choosing the correct resolution. Be smart and use common sense when choosing a resolution. The higher the resolution the more FPS the texturepack will use. Obviously the same thing works for the lower resolutions however it’s only the opposite. To check how much FPS you have currently in your game, simply press the “F3” key when in a world and you can find your FPS usage up the top left hand corner of your screen.

How to install KDS Photo Realism Texture Pack

Optional: (Download and install the Optifine mod, or download the MCPatcher program.)

  1. Download the KDS HD photo realism texturepack.
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open the “texturepacks” folder. Or simply select the “texturepacks” menu selection and open the folder from inside there.
  3. Once patched, select your texturepack inside the “texturepacks” menu selection.
  4. Finished.


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