[1.5.2/1.5.1] [64x] Soartex Texture Pack HD Fanver Download

Texture packs are often named as a piece of work. However for it to be labelled this, it must first undergo a huge amount of effort and time. The artist of the texture pack must set aside his own time, and also insert all his/her knowledge about art, and also how minecraft works. Often players may think that texture packs are a simple and easy piece of work. However until the player is to try for his/herself they will never know how much effort and how much creativity must be implemented into the work itself. The Soartex Fanver texture pack takes the old, simplistic textures of the original, default pack and replaces it with new, detailed, and honestly extraordinary pieces of “artwork”. The texture pack is honestly beautiful to use and has been created to absolute perfection.

Soartex Texture Pack HD Fanver replaces all of the original textures with new and amazing textures. All of which are extremely detailed and work extremely well. Often in texture packs, the artist(s) have almost gotten confused when creating the pack. By simply not knowing the theme or their motivation for the pack itself. However this texture pack has a solid idea in which the pack is based on. The texture pack is designed around one idea; however this idea has been blended amongst another. By combining an almost cartoony theme, and introducing a new, well detailed, high resolution pack together into one texture pack. This may seem complex, however the creation would have been quite simplistic seeing as the artist knew what he/she was doing right from the beginning. This is the one key in that artists must remember when designing a texture pack, plan first, check and then proceed. The artist of the Soartex Fanver texture pack has done exactly this, and has done it beautifully.

Soartex Texture Pack HD Fanver Main Features

This texture pack is available in only one resolution. However this has allowed the texture pack artist to put all of his effort into this one texture pack resolution, without spreading his creativity over a wide list of other resolution versions. I believe this is why the texture pack is so perfect and why I enjoy using it so much. The texture pack resolution that this pack is available in is a 64x resolution. This makes the texture pack more detailed than the original default texture pack. However it has not been changed so dramatically that the texture pack has been made overly detailed. Many players enjoy detailed texture packs, and others do not. The artist of the texture pack has probably thought about the different minds of the users, because he has seemed to have understood what users like and what they don’t.  A 64x resolution texture pack is detailed, however is not overly detailed like a few of them out there.


Once this texturepack has been installed, it’s truly amazing; the affect that it gives to your worlds. By simply changing the textures in the game; it makes everything look beautiful and much nicer to use. The Soartex Fanver texturepack really is a one of a kind. The textures are pristine, and by most players, be preferred over most other texturepacks, including the default texturepack minecraft originally comes with. Because the texturepack is a medium resolution; the texturepack itself, appears to be detailed, however when observed closely, you can easily notice how normal, or simplistic the pack truly is. This is why I believe many players enjoy the usage of this texturepack, not only because of its simplistic beauty, but also that it doesn’t drain your FPS like other packs do.

Soartex Texture Pack HD Fanver Usage

Texturepacks often require the usage of a foreign program or mod to patch minecraft. Patching is used to allow texturepacks to be correctly installed on a computer. It also allows extra content such as animations, and “abnormal” textures to be introduced into the game. Higher resolution texturepacks also may turn out buggy, incorrect or simply not work at all. Some textures such as water, flames and torches will show no texture at all. Patching is easy, works very well. Simply download and install the optifine mod for automatic patching, or download the foreign program; mcpatcher for manual, yet still very easy patching. Links to the patchers will be in the installation instructions below.

How to Install Soartex Texture Pack HD Fanver Version 2.4.3

  1. Obviously you need MCPatcher or you can use the Optifine
  2. Run minecraft game
  3. Select “mods and texture pack”
  4. A folder pops up
  5. Select “texture pack”
  6. Drag-n-drop the texture pack there
  7. You should be able to play now…


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