[1.7.2/1.6.4] [16x] Luky’s RPG Texture Pack Download

A very bright texture pack with a moody feel is what Luky has presented to us. The RPG feel of the game is what is the most catchy, your mood while playing the game changes and suddenly you becomes relaxed and excited about accomplishing your next quest. The boss fighting in the game becomes and the endless task of fencing off zombies and monsters, is not that scary anymore. You actually start to enjoy it because of the awesome warm looks of the texture pack.
This texture pack is perfect for use with RPG mods and maps because it is meant to be made for them. If you planned to build a castle but never did it, do it with this texture pack because the textures of stone and wood are stunning. Luky’s texture pack will easily replace your current one and you will be using it for a long time without even thinking of changing it. The fascinating thing is that this texture pack is 16x and that means, no HD patchers required and weaker computers can easily run it.


Luky’s RPG texture pack Main Features

The texture pack is very detailed and stunning in look, it is also themed to be an RPG styled texture. The author has also borrowed some textures from the 16p texture pack with the permission of the author, so make sure to check that one out too. Luky’s texture pack is very promising and uplifting.



How to Install Luky’s RPG Texture Pack

To install the texture pack simply:

  1. Open your texture packs folder in the minecraft directory
  2. Copy the texture pack .zip into that folder
  3. Choose the texture pack in game
  4. Play!


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