[1.7.2/1.6.4] [32x] Limpid Haze Texture Pack Download


What is Limpid Haze Resource Pack?

Limpd Haze is an HD 32×32 resource pack. This resource pack has a medieval feel to it, but it is not overwhelming. Currently this pack is a WIP*Work in progress* resource pack. If you have any suggestions leave a comment below!

Limpid Haze Resource Pack Features

  • New Torch Texture
  • New StoneBrick Texture
  • New Cracked StoneBrick Texture
  • New Mossy StoneBrick Texture
  • New Water Texture
  • New Cactus Top Texture
  • New Cactus Bottom Texture
  • New Cactus Side Texture
  • New Waterlily Texture
  • New Cracked StoneBrick Texture
  • New Bone Texture
  • New reed texture
  • New reed item texture
  • New colormap foilage texture
  • New colormap grass texture

Limpid Haze Texture Images




Why Are There Multiples Of The Same Item On The What Has Changed List

If a block or item is listed more than once on the What has changed list, this means that the texture I drew for it has changed that many times.

How To Install/ Setup Limpid Haze Texture Pack for Minecraft

  • Download Limpid Haze Resource Pack file
  • Save the file to an easily accessible location on your computer
  • Open start menu
  • Search %appdata%
  • Open “Roaming”
  • Open “.minecraft”
  • Open “Resourcepacks”
  • Place the file you just downloaded in this folder
  • Run Minecraft
  • Select “Options…”
  • Select “Resource Packs…”
  • Choose “Limpid Haze”
  • Have Fun!!

1 Comment

  1. the texture file dont work



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