[1.9.4/1.9] [16x] Default Lagless Texture Pack Download


Here is a special resource pack ! Why special? Because he contains all the textures from the default. So it’s a default pack.

So what’s the difference?

The difference is that this resource pack brings more fps ! So if you have shaders or if you have a bad computer, you can run Minecraft easily !

How is that possible?

With new gpu drivers solutions, intel & nvidia & amd introduced new possibilities to speed up graphics. That’s only optimization solutions. A new thing I wanted to add to the textures to optimize them to the gpu (not to minecraft) is “PO”, pixel optimization. It’s linked to the textures and pictures used in games. And it works for Minecraft too !

So cool, I’ll get 100 fps instead of 10 !

Wow man, stop dreaming ! This new function won’t transform a crappy gpu to a war machine. But it will optimize and you’ll maybe gain some fps !


Please follow these instructions for an optimization:
1) Update your graphics drivers ! It’s very important because the optimization tool comes from there, your gpu and not from Minecraft.
2) Works better with bad gpus ! Yea, if you have already 100 fps, the optimization won’t be visible. But it will with shaders if you don’t have a lot of fds with that mod  !



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