[1.5.2/1.5.1] [16x] Gravity Falls Texture Pack Download

If you watch cartoons, no matter what our age is, you will surely have watched the Gravity Falls show. For many it has become a favorite, the characters and the story line, people just fall in love with it. So this amazingly detailed, 16x texture pack was inspired by the show.

The Gravity Falls texture pack is not like any other texture pack out there, while including amazing surface textures, it total re-skins the Minecraft mobs into characters from the show. What can be more heart warming and pleasant than enjoying your favorite show in your favorite game? Only maybe a cup of hot chocolate, on a rainy evening, while sitting near a fireplace. The coolest and yet most enjoyable thing, is that the main characters skin is changed to Dipper. Yes! Now you are the main character from the tv show in your own game. To some kids, this can be the most magnificent thing in the world. If you remember watching spider man and then wanting to be just like him, these are the feeling the kids will get when playing with this texture pack. Adults (Yes 18 year old guys still watch cartoons, because cartoons are awesome) also will enjoy this texture pack, maybe not as much as the youngsters, but they sure will.

Gravity Falls Texture Pack Main Features

The Texture pack adds amazing textures and re-skins the mobs and the players default skin to the characters from the cartoon tv series. It is still not completed, but most work is already accomplished.

 How to Install Gravity Falls Texture Pack

  1. Download the Texture Pack
  2. Open Minecraft, login and press texture packs
  3. Click on open texture packs folder
  4. Copy gravityfalls.rar into it and close
  5. Enjoy!

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