[1.6.2] ResourcePack Workbench Tool Download

What it can do?

  • ResourcePack Workbench is a standalone application, much like Texture Ender or Unstitcher.
  • It’s an IDE for Resource Packs, allowing easy manipulation of pack files, merging resource packs and editing assets.
  • RPW can be used to edit other packs, combine them, or create entirely new ones.
  • Preview of textures and text files is included
  • One-click editing using GIMP or other application of your choice (config file)
  • Working inheritance, much like in CSS
  • One-click replacement of sounds with silence
  • And much more!


Editing something


Project Properties


Some sound editing


Built-in help


Dialog asking to select MC version

How to run it

  • That’s easy, if it works, you can just click it and it will start.
  • If not, right-click it and open in Java Runtime Environment
  • If you want command line option, do: java -jar RPW.jar

Configuring the file editors (Images & Stuff)

  • The application was built in Linux, so the “edit” buttons won’t work on Windows.
  • To fix that, go to Options→Configure editors and using the buttons there,
    find the EXEs of your favorite editors.
  • The same, of course, applies to Mac and Linux, if the buttons don’t work, select the right editors.


  • To run RPW, you need Java 6 and Minecraft 1.6.2.
  • With MC 1.5 or older, it will just not work.
  • The latest update works fine on all platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac);
    The edit buttons won’t work unless you configure editors using the Settings dialog.



Changes and fixes

  • Fixed ordering of lowercase and uppercase letters in some dialogs
  • Text preview now auto-scrolls to top (was bottom before)
  • Side-panel now shows real file name above the preview.
  • Side-panel’s size and layout shouldn’t change when changing previewed item
  • Improved shortcuts (F3 = log, Ctrl+T = Project Summary)
  • Re-ordered menus and context menu to be more intuitive and easier to control

Built-in editors

  • Added built-in “.mcmeta” editor with code templates
  • Added built-in text editor with a integrated list of formatting codes
  • All code editors have proper syntax highlighting
  • Built-in editors can be enabled/disabled using the “Configure Editors” dialog

New context-menu commands

  • “Assign resolved, ignore VANILLA”
  • “Copy to project, ignore VANILLA”
  • “Delete ‘.mcmeta’ files from project”
  • “Open in editor”
  • “Edit ‘.mcmeta’ file”


  • Vanilla import now supports “.ini”, “.properties” and “.cfg” (used by some mods)
  • Added “Project Summary” dialog with a list of files that would be exported
  • It’s now possible to add “.mcmeta” to files that weren’t animated before
  • Added a help page about “.mcmeta”


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