You go in the middle of a void. To test you’re skills on Ladder Jumps, Effect Parkour, Redstone Parkour, and many more to go. You might not want to miss this map. Because you’re gonna have so much fun you might die.  

Make Yourself Think Map is a puzzle map made for one player. If you are good, maybe you will be able to get through it. Map 4 is very a difficult level.   How to install Make Yourself Think Map: Download the map. Extract file. Click on...[Read More]

After 10 billion years in the making, the command block intensive Elytra Parkour surfaces. Use elytra to help complete parkour stages. Not too easy, not too hard. This map is singleplayer only. How to install: Download the map. Extract file...[Read More]

Sprint Master map has 6 levels with sprint challenges. Parkour with super speed in the final level which give you 99 speed and red wool will kill you in every level, with some special blocks that make you have jump boost, clear effect, tele...[Read More]

“Where Next?” is a singleplayer parkour map that appears as you play. When you jump, the blocks to jump on will appear in front of you. There are 9 unique levels with different block configurations and styles. How to install: Download the m...[Read More]

In Blenderman map, you have to collect all 8 pages (Blocks of dirt) while being chased by Blenderman. But beware! Do not get caught by Blenderman. Sounds simple? It is not. Up for the challenge? Download the map and try to collect all 8 pag...[Read More]

A new small adventure map where you control a chicken that wishes they could one day fly and get off the floating island they were born on. Adventurous Scenario 1 – Chicken’s Courage map contains some story, puzzles, parkour, combat and bos...[Read More]

Hidden Buttons 2 map contains 10 different levels. All of them are unique and different from each other. Hidden Buttons 2 map is probably a bit harder than previous one.

Your ship crashed into a small planet and you must use its resources to repair your ship. Explore the planet, fight against its monsters, craft your resources and survive.

Long ago, when there were no super-modern Minecarts, Steve and his friend Alex farmed a few diamonds. Today they want to bring them back to their house to save them, but on the way they meet monsters, who want to steal the diamonds. Try to ...[Read More]

Hidden Buttons map contains 10 different levels. All of them are unique and different from each other. This map is not hard. Maybe it sometimes requires some brain skills, and everyone will be able to beat all of these levels.

Jetpack pvp is a unique map in which it is last man standing and every man is for himself. Choose one of three maps: mesa, sky rink, or staircase maze. This map can hold up to ten players but must have at least two. Jetpack mechanics allow ...[Read More]

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