The point of this map is to simply Find the Lever. It’s pretty much just the same as a Find the Button map, but with levers instead.

In each level there is a hidden chest that you must find. In the chest there is a key. Take the key and you win. A chest may be bigger than a button, but it won’t be so simple to find! You will need to think a little to succeed. Some levels...[Read More]

Welcome to Puzzle Map “What?”? There are thirteen levels in total. Your Mission for each Levels – any way to get to the next Level: Kill Animals, Place Blocks, Break Repeaters, Find the Buttons and more?

There are 23 levels (from Easy to Hard) and you choose the order. There are 2 bonus levels, you can skip a level if you find it annoying, but only once.  

Colona Island is known as a paradise. Many tourists came here year by year. Now a deadly virus transforms people into walkers, which try to kill and eat humans. Your are one of the survivors? EPIC and REALISTIC Minecraft Zombie Adventure Ma...[Read More]

The Glitcher Map is a brand-new puzzle map with 7 different levels in which you must use various Minecraft glitches in order to move on to the next stage. This map is about the times where you are playing a map and you glitch the map and br...[Read More]

A minecraft obstacle course map, that includes some epic obstacles from the TV show “Wipeout” remade in minecraft. The Wipeout Obstacle Course map also includes some normal minecraft obstacles. Features: Normal parkour. Slime block launcher...[Read More]

You’re stuck in a desert, with no clue why, or no clue of what to do next. Seems logical, right? Illogical Map is a puzzle map that will make you think. Small hints will lead you to the end. However, you have no idea to what you are suppose...[Read More]

Redstone puzzle map with difficult redstone circuits and tricky puzzles. Go through some tricky rooms where you will face parkour and small puzzles where you have to think outside the box. It has a bit of going back and forth, as you will n...[Read More]

Bow Parkour 2 is another bow shooter map like the first bow parkour, but in this version the entire map system has been redesigned and there is no loading screens or waiting. Like before, you have a bow & arrow and hit targets to make p...[Read More]

Didn’t you always want to eat grass in Minecraft? Now you can. Grass Simulator 2016 map gives you the amazing feeling of eating grass, breeding animals, shearing sheeps, milking cows, pooping fireworks and more. You are also getting a highe...[Read More]

10 Second Rush is a map where you have to get to the end of each map as fast as you can on time, 10 different stages are in this one map… Can you get there fast enough? This map is singleplayer only.  

Find The Button Extreme Map map has 12 levels. Levels: Forest Nether Snow Desert The End Mineshaft Airplane Car Factory Slender Nightmare Candyland Maze Runner  

Roomscape is back with the seventh installment. Escape each room to make it to the next, every room is more difficult than the one before. Each room provides you with a few resources which you must use to escape. Escape all 20 rooms to beat...[Read More]

You find yourself abandoned in a dark cave. You don’t remember much, but apparently you were mining and the mine collapsed. The only possible way to get out of this cave is a parkour course that lies in front of you. The objective is one: E...[Read More]

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