[1.5] THX Helicopter Mod Download

Options and Settings:
# These are stored in .minecraft/mods/mod_thx_options.txt
# please restart the game to apply changes# The default controls are meant to utilize existing Minecraft defaults
# please customize to your liking

# helicopter cyclic (basic WASD move controls)

# helicopter collective (throttle, up/down, jump/sneak)

# toggles pitch mode. when engaged, pitch follows player view and W/A control throttle
# also briefly displays world coordinates and altitude (in blocks)

# exits the helicopter 1.9 blocks to the left – use with caution while flying!

# quickly returns pitch to zero – useful with full throttle to avoid crash
# when look-pitch is engaged (see above), resets zero pitch to current view

# allow helicopter to naturally return to zero pitch automatically

# returns throttle to zero when not actively ascending or descending
# if you disable, your rotor speed will indicate the current throttle (very touchy at the moment)

# include a moving rotor with the model
# rotor speed varies with throttle – the visual effect is highly
# dependent upon framerate, so experiment to find a pleasant result
# or disable if all else fails
# set rotors relative speed

# hold for rear view

# create map for current area

# keep helicopter at current altitude, press again to unlock

# switch to hud/camera mode where model is hidden


  • 1. Install ModLoader and test. This involves adding the files from the ModLoader zip archive to your minecraft.jar file and deleting META-INF. Please visit the official ModLoader forum thread for details:
  • 2. Then extract the files from the THX client zip archive and add them to minecraft.jar (just adding the zip file to your mods directory is not sufficient for this version).
  • 3. After running at least once, check out the options in file ‘.minecraft/mods/mod_thx_options.txt’ for controls and other settings (see below for annotated listing).

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THX Helicopter Screenshots

The mod makes it easy to travel around, fast, in style.

 THX Helicopter Screenshots

 THX Helicopter Screenshots

 THX Helicopter Screenshots

Why hello there cows, it’s time to die!

 THX Helicopter Screenshots

By pressing the “r” button, which is short for “Rockets” you can easily kill a cow. You can’t see it very well in this photo, but the rockets look like sheep wool. But this is Minecraft, so you can’t expect top quality rockets.

 THX Helicopter Screenshots

Also, pressing “m” will fire a powerful missile that will kill mobs in a single hit, it also will destroy weaker blocks. Very useful for bombing or widening a tunnel.

THX Helicopter Recipes

The current crafting recipe is very cheap and simple — build a boat and add a roof (rotor assembly)!

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d432f  wood THX Helicopter Recipes 7b67d  blank THX Helicopter Recipes d432f  wood THX Helicopter Recipes
d432f  wood THX Helicopter Recipes d432f  wood THX Helicopter Recipes d432f  wood THX Helicopter Recipes