With this map, you can play Slither.io in Minecraft. The game can have up to 10 people. You control your snake using the arrows in your inventory slot. Eat mass to grow larger. If you crash into another snake, you die and your mass is dropp...[Read More]

NOTE: This map contains noteblock music. But there will be no copyright problems if you make a video of the map, so you can monetize it! “The Legend of Zelda – Blocky World” is an experimental adventure map based on the early 2d Zelda games...[Read More]

Hello everyone, and now finally I finished work on the second part of the map “where the button”. You are waiting for many interesting levels at the end will be a bonus. Play and have fun on this map Levels: There are 8 themed levels in thi...[Read More]

Twelve levels all with unique themes. There is only one true button in each level. Find it to progress to the next level. Be careful for fake buttons that will kill you. Find the hidden Easter egg to unlock a bonus level. Are you a button m...[Read More]

Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst is a 1.8.8 single player map that recreates the original Pokémon RPG in vanilla Minecraft. This includes battling, capturing, and training Pokémon, fighting trainers, and challenging Gym Leaders and, ultimately, ...[Read More]

One day somebody came to your house to inform you of an important problem that you have to check. Can you help Mr.German to get the beacon heart? Begin the adventure… You have to help a poor villagers to find the beacon heart and solve the ...[Read More]

Was it real or was it all in your mind? Those are the questions you ponder. Could you really have dreamed it all? Or is something more sinister going on… Have you really ESCAPED? Rules: 1. Particles ON 2. Auto-Jump OFF 3. Sound ON 4. Check ...[Read More]

Foresting Essentials allows creators to make customized forests in Vanilla Minecraft using drop menus. It also allows you to alter forests with some extra tools in the menus. It has the 6 default trees to choose from and can generate dense ...[Read More]

Mug Castle includes the following: 2 markets 1 park-like area, entrance bridge, guard houses, barracks, armory, stables, sculptures/fountains, watch towers, storage building, prison, blacksmith, ruins, courthouse, farms, village governor ho...[Read More]

After disaster strikes the airport, you are left injured and helpless. But you are not alone… Escape from The Terminal in this completely vanilla horror map. Made for minecraft 1.11 Around 20 minutes of gameplay. Contains jumpscares. Don’t ...[Read More]

Anywhere from defusing bombs to battling in mazes to parkour, this puzzle map will leave you and your friend scratching their heads to figure out each room! Currently only 8 rooms, you should be able to solve it in under 30 minutes. Importa...[Read More]

A simple 2D parkour maps made by TheblueMan003. Right click with the mario icon to make your character jump. Can you collect 100 coins. If the character stop moving you have to right click with the door. Rules: Allow Command Blocks Make Sur...[Read More]

Rustic Valley is a steampunk style small town that is in a valley along with a castle. The town contains a tavern, 3 farmhouses, a few shops and houses, along with watchtowers and a castle. This is my first minecraft project. I tried creati...[Read More]

The Goal: you are a guard who has to keep up to four prisoners from escaping. However, the prison security is somewhat… unstable. Errors will occur from time to time, and in a second, someone is walking towards the exit. If someone escapes…...[Read More]

This is another puzzle map by DJ Disco which has INVISIBLE REDSTONE! It sound quite hard but it’s actually simple, you just have to understand the redstone which are obviously invisible. It’s been a long time since i did another puzzle map....[Read More]

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