[1.8] Infernal Mobs Mod Download

Hey guys! here and everyone is having a rave about it’s awesome new features but im not here to tell I’m here to tell you about the Infernal Mobs Mod which has just been swiftly updated to the newest update. What this mod basically does is that it makes the mobs VERY POWERFUL and this mod randomly adds spawning Living Things in the World with Diablo-style enchantments thus making them much harder to kill and very rewarding to kill. When you kill a infernal mob it drops a quadruple amount of Xp and also very generously a ramdom enchanted item. Isn’t that very neat?

Well you’re going to have to kill them first which would be a very challenging job (It may be for some individuals) It also depends on how good you are with Pvp.. But anyways this mod is really fun if you want a challenge or if you want a new approach towards killing mobs. Im sure that most of you will enjoy this mod. This mod is still in it’s beta stages the developer is still looking out for ideas to add to this mod. I would class this mod as a high on the affect on your normal Minecraft play because there are super powered mobs out there looking for some blood shed. You can use this mod on custom maps and such, eg: A tower/cave defense map where you have to hide away from the highly dangerous mobs out in the night. Enough of my chatting! Here’s a video to show the aesthetics of the mod.

Pretty cool fight eh?

How to Install Infernal Mobs Mod for Minecraft

  1. Download and install Minecraft FORGE.
  2. Download the Infernal Mobs mod.
  3. Extract the zip file to your mods folder and drag all the files from Forge into your minecraft.jar
  4. Say yes to”Merge Folders/files”
  5. Profit!

Download links for other versions:











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