This map is a puzzle map where you have to craft different blocks in 12 levels. You are a professor and normally you test monkeys, but today you have to solve your own tests. “Doctor Monkeys Brain Training” is multiplayer-compatible! The ma...[Read More]

A chest full of Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Emerald and Diamond! It can’t be better, right? It can be worse, if Captain Seagull steals everything. In this map you will have to follow Captain Seagull through the entire world to get your treasures ba...[Read More]

Welcome to Angelville. This is my personal design for the castle with decorations my favorite would have to be the kings chambers on the top of the castle. However with the town i used mcedit to bring most of the buildings in for show. I di...[Read More]

Sorcerer’s Book is a Minecraft minigame map based on spellcasting! Play alone or with your friends in one of three gamemodes: PvP – Fight with other players using magic spells! Last man standing wins! (2-8 players) PvM – Team up with other ...[Read More]

Wheres the flipping button 2 is out now!!!!! Will you give up or download it to test your brain Again? Rules: Stay in Adventure Peaceful Render distance 14 below………. Something wrong? Report it to my E-mail Do not cheat Do not change gamemod...[Read More]

Oscilight: The Dark Extension is the fourth map in my custom puzzle map series. However, playing the previous maps is not necessary. You simply need to understand the basic mechanics, which will be outlined below. This map takes place in th...[Read More]

Forget the Rules will propose you 40 illogical puzzles to solve! To do this task, you’ll have to do the reverse of what you think… Forget the basic rules of a basic game! Traps, fake levels, endless loop… Everything there want to make you r...[Read More]

You escaped once, but can you do it again? In the sequel to Escape you are put back to solving puzzles 1 at time that in the end come together to help you Escape the chamber! Can you do it again? Find out in Escape II! Features: Completely ...[Read More]

Flight Warfare is a vanilla Minecraft CTF mini-game where you glide down to the center to capture the flag while getting chased by your enemies. But try to stay alive! Use any means to survive. A combination of: Elytras, PVP & CTF. If y...[Read More]

This is a quick map with a mix of easy and difficult levels. The goal is to find the button in 10 different stages. Each stage has a different theme ranging from rustic houses and castles to minions and youtube! You you get to enjoy the bui...[Read More]

Hello everyone, and now finally I finished work on the second part of the map “where the button”. You are waiting for many interesting levels at the end will be a bonus. Play and have fun on this map Levels: There are 8 themed levels in thi...[Read More]

Twelve levels all with unique themes. There is only one true button in each level. Find it to progress to the next level. Be careful for fake buttons that will kill you. Find the hidden Easter egg to unlock a bonus level. Are you a button m...[Read More]

One day somebody came to your house to inform you of an important problem that you have to check. Can you help Mr.German to get the beacon heart? Begin the adventure… You have to help a poor villagers to find the beacon heart and solve the ...[Read More]

Was it real or was it all in your mind? Those are the questions you ponder. Could you really have dreamed it all? Or is something more sinister going on… Have you really ESCAPED? Rules: 1. Particles ON 2. Auto-Jump OFF 3. Sound ON 4. Check ...[Read More]

Foresting Essentials allows creators to make customized forests in Vanilla Minecraft using drop menus. It also allows you to alter forests with some extra tools in the menus. It has the 6 default trees to choose from and can generate dense ...[Read More]

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