Optifine FPS Boost Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2/1.4.4

Optifine helps improve your game. Maybe you are experiencing lag and you are jumping all over. Have you tried everything so far; short render distance, closing everything except Minecraft? Yeah me too and nothing works as well as Optifine!

Optifine is a combination of the Opti-fog Mod and the Opti-Mine Mod to bring you the Optifine Mod. It really does work and helped me a lot. Some people claim it doesn’t work but I think it depends on every person. Only way you can find out is by testing it out!

Minecraft 1.0.0 Full Version

This is by far the best Mod to give you that FPS boost and improve your performance, there is also a version which helps with HD textures but if you are having problem with lag I don’t recommend and texture packs above 16 x 16

How to Install Optifine Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download the Optifine Mod
  2. Ensure you have the correct version of Minecraft which is compatible
  3. Open .minecraft /bin
  4. Open Minecraft.jar ( with 7zip)
  5. Delete the META INF folder
  6. Drag all of the files into the .jar
  7. Your done!


for 1.4.4



  1. Can you please put the Optifine 1.4.2 version?



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