What’s this mod about? This client mod allows you to easily manage your inventory, in both single player and multiplayer. It works out of the box, and will make you gain a massive amount of time! It automatically replaces your tools as they...[Read More]

This mod will let you customize the HUD (heads-up display). You can reposition them anywhere on the screen, let them fade out when you don’t need them or choose to hide them. On top of that you can switch out the look of most of the bars. T...[Read More]

Retro Fences converts the new fences back to the way they functioned in Minecraft 1.0. Many players designed their structures and buildings using the old fencing model. When the new fences came out, they all attached to adjacent blocks. Thi...[Read More]

Minecraft is cool because you can build anything you like and want in it. But don’t you just hate it when anything stops or makes it difficult for you to do so? I know most of you guys should have thought of building some skyscrapers in you...[Read More]

Do you spend your days in Minecraft working long hours, gathering resources from all over the land and come back to your home, farm and all ready to be harvested?  Sometimes things might not go as smooth as they could possibly go because pl...[Read More]

This mod displays what people say above their head.  Useful for crowded servers where the chat lines fly by.  This way you can hold a conversation with people near you. This is similar to VoxelChat, but VoxelChat functions best with a serve...[Read More]

Installation: 1.-Intall Minecraft Forge on your minecraft.jar 2.-Drag BaconMod.zip to your mods folder 3.-Enjoy

This mod is spectacular. Very smart indeed. This mod allows you to record in game footage in high resolution in your world of minecraft. While playing in your world, simply press your F4 key on your keyboard and a  plopping sound can be hea...[Read More]

Whats interesting about this mod? SimpleOres is a small, simple mod that adds FIVE more ores to Minecraft. These ores are Copper, Silver, Mythril, Adamantium and Onyx, and they are all unique. Along with the ores themselves, the mod adds in...[Read More]

This mod adds a new item to the game: Whole Tree Axe. This axe harvests all connecting wood blocks. The axe has 59 uses. It is used by a right click on a wood block. The idea and the icon is from Kasdar. Installation: 1. Install Minecraft F...[Read More]

This mod adds Mazes filled with treasures, monsters and deadly traps! However, they are dynamically generated, so every maze differs from the others. They are quite rare, so be patient in searching. Also, there are newly added underground m...[Read More]

Minecraft is full of adventures and they get more exciting once you get to the Nether. Why is that so?  The Nether has new monsters and new blocks and items you can acquire for crafting unique items and scary mobs that will fight you. Howev...[Read More]

This mod add a new item to the game: Chest Transporter. This item allows you pick up a chest with content and place it somewhere else. You can also pick up chests from a storage minecart and place it in a normal minecart. But while you have...[Read More]

This mod adds three furnaces to the game. An iron, a gold and a diamond furnaces. They smelt items faster. Installation: 1. Install Minecraft Forge ( or newer). 2. Place the downloaded .zip file int .minecraft/mods

When playing minecraft, I’m sure we’ll all realize that “diamonds” are a huge chunk of the game. Its everyone’s first goal, first major achievement. Diamond gives you useful tools that last a long time. Diamonds is the perfect mineral, but ...[Read More]

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